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5 Kinds Of Windshield Damage and How To Repair Them

It is vital to repair any damage to a windshield as soon as possible for safety and legal reasons. A damaged windshield can impede the driver’s view and result in a fine or other legal repercussions.

While some types of windshield damage are easy to fix, many types of damage will require the work of a company like Best Choice Auto Glass. Furthermore, some cars are much rarer than others, requiring custom glass cutting. In any case, contacting a glass company specializing in windshield repair and replacement is always worth your while.

Here are five of the most common windshield damages and how to fix them.


Cracks in a car windshield are an all-too-familiar issue. Cracks that begin or finish at the windshield’s edge are impossible to repair as it compromises the windshield’s quality. Additionally, if the Poly Vinyl Butyral layer is damaged, a crack repair is not the right option. Cracks can affect the car’s structural integrity, making windshield replacement the best solution.


Windshield chips can be dangerous and costly to repair if left untreated. Still, if you act quickly enough and the chips are relatively small, you can use a windshield repair kit. Windshield repair kits contain various components that make it easy to repair chips in your windshield.

Most kits have a resin injected into the chip to fill it in. This resin is designed to be clear and undetectable, making it an ideal chip solution. In addition, some kits come with tools such as a razor blade and a vacuum that can help you remove debris from the chip before injecting the resin. 

If you’re inexperienced with windshield repair, contact a professional.


Most light scratches are easily repairable, especially if they remain at the topmost layer of the glass. When dealing with scratches on your car, furniture, or other surfaces, one of the most effective solutions is to use a polishing compound. A polishing compound is designed to gently remove the top layer of the scratch, making it less noticeable and restoring the original texture of the surface. 

It’s crucial to note that it’s possible to scratch the windshield to the point of no repair. Get a windshield replacement if the scratches hinder your ability to see the road, especially in rainy weather.


Various factors, including dirt, dust, and environmental pollutants, can cause dullness on a windshield. These can build up on the surface over time and cause the glass to become dull and hazy. In addition, waxing the windshield too often can cause a buildup of wax and leave a dull finish. To restore the clarity of your windshield, it’s essential to regularly clean and polish the glass using a quality glass cleaner and polishing compound. This will help to remove any buildup and restore the original shine of the glass.


Discoloration on car windshields can be caused by exposure to the elements, UV rays, and environmental pollutants. To restore the clarity of the windshield, regularly clean and polish the glass using a quality glass cleaner and polishing compound. Apply a UV protectant to extend the clarity of your windshield.


A damaged windshield can be dangerous and should be repaired immediately to protect the driver and passengers from flying debris. If a crack or chip is larger than a quarter or near the black band around the windshield, the damage might be irreversible, and you should get a windshield replacement.

A chipped or cracked windshield is an accident waiting to happen. Best Choice Auto Glass provides the best windshield replacement in Tulsa. Schedule an appointment today! 

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