Tulsa Auto Glass

It is difficult to know who to choose for your Tulsa Auto Glass replacement because there are so many glass companies out there. They all say the same thing right? So who do you choose? Maybe you have spent hours pouring over the phone book, flipping through page after page just throw your arms up and want to give up. You need a company that you can afford. You need a company that you can trust. You need a company that will communicate. You need a company that will do things right. You need a company that will be there when they say they will be there. Well I am here to tell you about a glass company that is ranked one of the best and affordable companies in the glass industry. When I say that your Tulsa Auto Glass is an experience you will look back on with a smile, it is the truth. Best Choice Auto Glass will take care of everything. From start to finish. Let me tell you about them. I guarantee you, by the end you will be picking up the phone and calling them to book your appointment. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started his glass business twenty-seven years ago. A long time right? That alone should make you feel comfortable that they do things right. I know I would feel like they know what they are doing. You want to know something cool? Mark Burgess didn’t know anything about the glass industry when he started it. He packed up his family and moved from Anchorage, Alaska and settled in a small little town in Oklahoma. He needed to find a job to support his family right away. He had a family member that owned his own glass company that didn’t live too far from him. So he went and trained with him for some time. There is a lot to know about Tulsa Auto Glass replacements. You have to learn how to cut the windshield out without damaging the body of the vehicle. What urethane to use. How to properly apply the urethane and the moldings that going around the windshield. What a lot of people don’t understand too is that you have you have to know how the mechanics of a vehicle as well. You have to know how to take the cowl off and the windshield wipers as well. So Mark came back and packed his truck with his supplies and started out on his own windshield adventure. It took some time to get his name out there but he slowly got customers. Twenty-seven later he has truly build an amazing company. Best Choice Auto Glass will also fix chip in your windshield. If you can cover it with a coin no bigger than a quarter then it should be repairable. You won’t even notice it when Mark get done. All of the work that Best Choice Auto Glass does has a no leak lifetime warranty so you don’t have to worry about something going wrong and the cost of that. Mark makes it good anytime there is a problem. And the thing is they make sure they do things right the first time so they don’t have to come back and fix anything. Once you call Best Choice Auto Glass and speak with a customer representative they will get you Tulsa Auto Glass replacement scheduled for the next day. If you call early enough sometimes they can get you in the same day. That is fast service right? You know sometimes when you get something done to your car, like some sort of maintenance, you have to sometimes take your car in and don’t get it back for a half a day or sometimes a full day. No one has that kind of time to waste. Everyone’s schedules these days are packed and leave little room to move or change things. Best Choice Auto Glass will keep in contact with you from the day you book your appointment until the day of. You will never have to worry about Best Choice Auto Glass not showing up for you Tulsa Auto Glass replacement. They will always communicate with you if something needs to be moved or changed. So once they arrive for you replacement they will place floor mats on your front carpets. What other company would care about your front carpets? No one except for Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark knows how frustrating it is to get your car back from the mechanic and the mechanics have dirtied up carpets and steering wheel. After the technicians have completed the installation, they will remove the floor mats, and guess what? They will actually vacuum your front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. Amazing right? And that is not all! You will also receive a free chip repair in the first year of getting your Tulsa Auto Glass replacement done. That is amazing customer service! No one other glass company does this. Mark built his company from honesty, integrity, standards, morals and excellent customer service. That is just one of the things Best Choice Auto Glass is known for. Their wonderful customer service. They make you feel like you are the only customer they have. They will work with your schedule every minute. Mark is very detailed about his vehicles. Personal and work vehicles. So you know if Mark is doing anything with you vehicle then you know you are in good hands. But if you need more proof that Best Choice Auto Glass is the best glass company in the Tulsa, Muskogee and the surrounding areas then read their reviews. You will see happy customer after happy customer that know they made the right decision when they had Best Choice Auto Glass fix their windshield, door glass or back glass. So pick up the phone and call 918.835.6026 and schedule your appointment today! You won’t be disappointed!