Windshield Replacement Tulsa

We have all found ourselves in the situation where we put off fixing our windshield replacement tulsa right? You find something else to do first. You don’t want to spend the money. You will do it in a few months. Maybe you think it won’t get any worse. It is a hard decision to make. Maybe you are on a limited budget and mostly living paycheck to paycheck and will have to save for it. Did you know you could get pulled over by the police if the crack in your windshield replacement is really bad? It is true! They can! Because if you think about it, it is a safety thing. For example, what if you were driving down the road and with a large crack extending from side to side on your windshield and a rock comes up from nowhere and hits your windshield replacement tulsa right on the crack with enough force to break and shatter. While you were driving! Causing you to wreck your vehicle as well as a few other vehicles that were driving beside you. Now if you did not have that crack on your windshield and a rock came up and hit it, it might have created a crack or might have just created a large chip that just needs to get repaired. This is what the police officers have to think about. They are out there to keep you and everyone else safe. So even though you want to put it off, I would advise to not put it off for too long. Do you have kids? What if this happened while your children were in the car? How would you feel if your accident caused a death? For your family or someone else’s? How would you feel then? So that is just something to think about. But I am here today to tell you about a glass company that is one of the high ranked glass companies in Oklahoma. And I will tell you why. The name of the company is Best Choice Auto Glass. It is owned by a man named Mark Burgess. He and his family moved to Oklahoma in the fall of 1991 from Anchorage, Alaska. And get this! He did not know anything about the glass business! Not one thing. He did not know how to cut out a windshield and install a new one. But he did have a relative that lived in Oklahoma that owned his own glass business, so he went and trained with him for a while. He could not train long because he had a family to feed so he packed up his on truck and headed out on his own. That is right. He did not have a shop! He did everything mobile and twenty-seven years later he is still mobile! So if you do not want to take off work or waste a vacation day, just tell them you want them to come to your work and they will be there to fix your windshield replacement tulsa. Or maybe you are at home and you do not want to pack up the kids and go sit in a waiting area for a couple of hours. And it could be more than that! Depending on where you go, the wait could be longer! Some places may not get to your windshield replacement tulsa at your appointment time so then it will take even longer. Best Choice Auto Glass will come to the comfort of your driveway! Convenient right? Mark is all about making his customers feel well taken care of and doing everything he can to make it convenient for them. I promise you no matter how many places you call you will not find any other company that will give you the kind of customer service that Best Choice Auto Glass will. You can flip through the phone book and call everyone in there until you are blue in the face and you still will not find anything like it. Your windshield replacement tulsa will be an experience you will look back with happiness and satisfaction instead of worry and stress. And you know what else? If anything happens again and you need another windshield replacement tulsa or maybe even just a chip repair. You will know who to call. So let us now talk about the experience you will have with Best Choice Auto Glass. Because it will be a dream. Once the technicians arrive for your windshield replacement, they will put floor mats down on your front carpets so they don’t get them dirty with their shoes or muddy boots. You don’t even get that kind of service at your own mechanic when you take your car into the shop right? Maybe for an oil change or some sort of car maintenance. Mark wants his customers to know that he will treat their vehicles like his own. And anyone that knows Mark, knows he is very particular about his vehicles. Work and personal. He will leave your vehicle cleaner than when they started. Here is the most exciting part of your whole experience! After the installation is done, which only takes about an hour, the technicians will remove the floor mats and vacuum the front carpets! They will also clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. Amazing right? A mini detail with your windshield replacement? Who ever heard of such a thing? No other glass company will do that! I assure you of that. You will also get a free chip repair in the first year! Which is a $55 dollar value! I am being completely serious! This company is for real! So don’t waste anymore time stressing or worrying or flipping through the phone book to find the quality of work you want. Best Choice Auto Glass will give you everything you want and more! So don’t wait another day to call them! Call them at 918.835.6026!