Tulsa Windshield Repair

Everyone knows what it is like to be driving down the road, minding your own business and a rock suddenly flings up and hits your windshield. You think ok, it is just a rock chip. That should not be too hard to fix or find someone to fix it. But just as you finish that thought, the chip suddenly cracks right before your eyes. From one side of the windshield to the other. There are several things that make this situation frustration. First, you just bought your car like last week. Second, you are leaving town in 2 days and will be traveling and need your tulsa windshield repair done as soon as possible. Now you have to figure out who to call, how much it is going to cost and hopefully it will be in your budget right? That is why I am here today. I have some wonderful news for you. Sit down for a few minutes and I will tell you about a glass company that will take care of you from start to finish. So let me start from the beginning. The name of this glass company is Best Choice Auto Glass. They are based out of Broken Arrow, OK but they do 99% of their mobile. That is right! Most people will definitely take mobile over taking their car somewhere. Nobody has time to be without their vehicle for even a day. And we all know when we take our car in for any maintenance work or something, we have to be without it for hours on end. And I am sure you have way too much to do to be without your car for that long. Let me give you some history first. Mark Burgess, the owner and founder of Best Choice Auto Glass is from Alaska. And the most amazing thing is that he knew nothing about the glass business. That was not his career in Alaska. But he had the opportunity to leave Alaska in the fall of 1991 so he took it. He packed up his family and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. He needed to start work right away because he had a family to provide for. He had a relative in Oklahoma that owned his own glass business, so he went to him and trained with him for some time. After training with his relative, he packed up his truck with the necessary equipment and supplies and headed out. Now of course he no customers but he set out and went to many commercial accounts, several accounts he still has to this day. Twenty-eight years later. Mark Burgess is a man of ethics, standards and morals. He made it very known right away to his customers that honesty is his number one priority. As well as making all his Tulsa windshield repairs and replacements affordable. No one has the money to spend a ton of money on a Tulsa windshield repair or replacement and Mark knows that so he makes his replacements affordable. So once you call Best Choice Auto Glass, you will not get an automated system nor will you have to wait several minutes to talk to a live person. They answer their phones and you can get a quick quote over the phone. Then to set up an appointment is very easy. If you call early enough in the day, sometimes they can get to you the same day. If not, they can get to you within twenty-four to forty-eight hours. Fast right? Normally you have to wait three or four days to get in. Not with Best Choice Auto Glass. So once you schedule your appointment they are very good at keeping in contact with you if they are running late or maybe if they need to tell you they are running a little late for your Tulsa windshield repair. They are a lot of unprofessional people out there that do not communicate or sometimes they just do not show up. But Best Choice Auto Glass do not do that. So once the technicians arrive for your Tulsa windshield repair or replacement, they will lay floor mats down on your front carpets so they don’t get your carpets dirty. Very nice right? It is very frustrating when you get your car back from your mechanic and your steering wheel is dirty or the floor boards are dirty from their shoes. Mark has this standard that he will leave your vehicle cleaner than when he started. And it is so true. You can ask their many loyal customers they have from over the twenty-eight years. Because wait until you hear what else they will do. The whole Tulsa windshield repair or replacement takes about an hour. It does have to sit for thirty minutes to let the urethane to cure. So after the installation is done, they will remove the floor mats and the seat cover and dash cover and here is the awesome part. The technician will vacuum the front carpets or floor mats, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. Awesome right? That is what I mean by Mark’s standards. He truly will treat your vehicle like his own. And Mark is very particular about his vehicles. Work and personal. So you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will also take care of your vehicle. You will also get a free chip in the first year, which is $55 dollar value. So stop spending your time flipping through the pages of the phone book or scrolling through Google. The best choice is Best Choice Auto Glass for all your auto glass needs. You can ask the many loyal customers because everyone knows after the first time of using Best Choice Auto Glass, they will never need to call anyone else. So do not wait any longer. Pick up the phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass and set up your appointment today!