Windshield Replacement Tulsa

I know you have a busy schedule and maybe you are having a hard time making the time to sit down look through the phone book or google a list of glass companies for your windshield replacement Tulsa. Who has the time to do that? If this is you, you are not alone in this. Most everyone has a jam packed schedule and it makes it difficult to put your windshield replacement Tulsa a priority. Well what if I told you about a company that has the best price around and can fix your windshield the very next day! And that you can trust with you car and will be able to rely for the rest of your life? Seems to good to be true? Well trust me, there is such a company. And they are called Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started his business twenty-seven years ago out of his truck and to this day he still works out of his truck. He started his business completely mobile and he still is mobile. Mark did not know anything about the glass industry when he moved to Oklahoma from Anchorage, Alaska. He had a relative who owned his own glass company so he spend some time training with him before he went out on his own. Mark is a man of honesty, integrity, humbleness and he build his company to portray that. And if you get your windshield replacement Tulsa fixed by Best Choice Auto Glass you will know you are getting the best price and the best service this state has to offer. So let us talk a bit about them. I mentioned that they are complete mobile. So if you can’t take time off of work or you just don’t want to, their technicians will come to your place of work and have you fixed up in an hour or two while you continue to work. If you are not able to leave your home for whatever reason, they will come to your place of home and fix your windshield replacement Tulsa in your driveway. Now that is convenient right? Who wouldn’t want to have it done in the comfort of their driveway? So that is one great thing about them. Another great thing is their prices. You see when you call most glass companies, they might ask you for the year, make and model of vehicle but what they will do is quote you a “universal” windshield. What you may not know and what most people may not know is that each vehicle has more than one windshield. Each windshield has what are called “specs”. It is important to know which specs your windshield has to quote you the correct windshield. Most large glass companies don’t care how much they take from your pocket book so they will just quote you that universal windshield. Which is generally the most expensive. Best Choice Auto Glass will not do this. Mark or his customer service representative will ask these questions and quote you the correct windshield for your windshield replacement Tulsa. And it will be considerably more inexpensive. Isn’t that honesty? Trust me, you will not find a company that will give you this much honesty. They care more about saving their customer money than making a few extra bucks because Mark knows in the end he is that kind of guy and that is how he wants his company to be known for. So those are excellent reasons to choose this company but just wait! There is more to tell! You heard me right! In addition to giving you the best price around and they will come to the location of your choosing they also offer a no leak lifetime warranty. So if something happens to your windshield they will come back and fix it at no cost to you! Most people may not know to make sure their windshield repair or replacement has a lifetime warranty but it is so important. For example, if you purchase a windshield and have it installed and maybe it was really cheap to get it installed. That probably means it does not come with a warranty. So if something goes wrong with that windshield and you have to buy another. You will be out not one windshield buy two. It is hard enough to pay for one windshield, let alone two. Always remember to get that warranty. Convinced yet to call them for your windshield replacement Tulsa? Let me tell you more about them. When they arrive at the location of your choosing they will place floor mats on the front driver and passenger carpets so they don’t get dirt or mud on your carpets. It is so annoying to take your car in for an oil change or maintenance and get it back and your carpets are all dirty right? Best Choice Auto Glass will leave your car cleaner than when they starter. That is a guarantee. You want to know why? Well after the job is complete, they will remove those mats and vacuum your front driver and passenger carpets, clean the door jams, the windows and the rear-view mirror! Amazing right? No other company will leave your car shining like Best Choice Auto Glass! And if you need a chip repaired within 180 days of getting windshield fixed by Best Choice Auto Glass, that chip repair is free! That is a $55 dollar value. It just keeps getting better and better right? If you don’t believe me about how wonderful this company is, I urge to look them up on google. Read all the reviews their customers have left. You see each customer talks about the honesty and speedy service as well as how grateful and happy they were able the mini detail and just how happy they were about the total experience they had with Best Choice Auto Glass. So please, don’t waste anymore time, pick up the phone and call them today for your free quote!