Muskogee Auto Glass

More than likely at some point you have needed a company to either fix a chip repair or get your windshield completely replaced right? Everyone has needed these services at some point in the life of their vehicle. I’m sure it was a hassle and a huge stress to figure out who to choose from the long list of companies from the phone book or if you googled it. Were you happy with that company? How was the customer service? Well I am here to tell you about a company that you can trust. That will put you and your vehicle first. This glass company has been in business for twenty-seven years. That is right. Twenty-seven years to build a company based on honesty, integrity and dependability. The company is called Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started his company in the fall of 1991. He packed up his family and moved from Anchorage, Alaska and settled in a small town in Oklahoma. He knew nothing about the glass business. He had a relative that owned his own glass business so he spend some time training under before he got everything he needed and started his own company. He did not set up a shop but rather thought he could best serve his customers if he could go to them for their Muskogee auto glass. To this day Mark is still completely mobile. After twenty-seven years, his passion for giving the best customer service he can provide has only increased. So if you are needing to have your Muskogee auto glass fixed at your house because you are not able to take your car in anywhere, Mark and his technicians will come to your house. If you are not able to take time off of work, they will come to your place of employment and fix your windshield while you working. Now isn’t that convenient? No need to worry or stress about taking it in somewhere and leaving it for half the day or having to sit in a waiting room and wait for it to be done. No one has time or patience to do that. Already sounds great right? Another great thing about Best Choice Auto Glass is their affordable prices. Afraid it will break your budget? Well most places will. Let me explain. You see what most people don’t know is that each vehicle generally has more than one windshield. And each of these windshields has what they call “specs”. Well most glass companies will not ask questions about these specs with quoting your Muskogee auto glass. They will quote you a “universal” windshield whether you need all the specs or not. And this “universal” windshield may have specs you don’t need. And in the end it will cost you more. Best Choice Auto Glass will not only quote you the windshield you need. And it will be cheaper than any other company will quote you. That is honesty! Most large companies in the glass industry are out to get the most bucks they can and do not think about the customers and their pocket books. But not Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark is man of values and standards and knows what it is like to live within a budget. He still does. This is why he is known around the Tulsa, Muskogee and surrounding area for having the most affordable prices. He understands no one has the money to spend on a windshield in the first place so he tries to make them as cheap as possible. If you might find a company that will install your Muskogee auto glass for really cheap. Super cheap. But here is the deal. Best Choice Auto Glass guarantees a no leak lifetime warranty with all their jobs. There are actually companies out there that do not provide this warranty so if you find a really cheap price more than likely they don’t offer the warranty. So if something goes wrong you will have to replace your Muskogee auto glass not once but twice. No one can afford that! So just be careful if you call around. Remember to ask about that lifetime warranty. Best Choice Auto Glass sounds more and more wonderful right? Well that is not all. Let me tell you about the services they will provide during the job. Once they arrive at the location of your choosing, they will place floor mats on the front driver and passenger carpets so they won’t get your carpets dirty or muddy. So once the job is complete, they will remove the floor mats, vacuum your front driver and passenger carpets, clean the windows, the door jams and the rearview mirror. Sounds great right? Mark has very high standards when it comes to his vehicles and if Mark is fixing your windshield for you, you will know that he will leave it cleaner than when he started. He is very picky about his vehicles. His personal and work vehicles. That is excellent customer service! I hope you believe me that this is a company that you can trust and that you will be happy with. Once you use Best Choice Auto Glass you will not want to use another glass company again. You will be loyal customers for life. If you don’t believe me, look them up on google. You see the reviews of countless customers that are happy and satisfied. You will see a pattern from everyone that talk about the fast service, honesty, integrity, dependability and reliability. Your Muskogee auto glass will be Best Choice number one priority. And if you need a chip repair done within 180 days of getting it replacement by Best Choice Auto Glass that repair will be fixed for free. That is a $55 dollar value. Such great deals! I urge you to stop wasting time flipping through the phone book. Pick up the phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass today and speak to a representative and get your free quote today!