Tulsa Windshield Replacement

I know shopping for the best company to replace your Tulsa windshield replacement is a pain and so time consuming. Do you get out the phone book and flip page after page? Do you search on google and scroll through list after list? Either way takes time and that is not something a lot of people have nowadays. So what if I told you that there is a company who you can call and depend on for all your Tulsa windshield replacement needs? A company that cares more about their customers than what they put in their pockets? Don’t think there is such a company? Well let me assure you there is and the name of this company is Best Choice Auto Glass. This business was founded by Mark Burgess and started it in the fall of 1991. That’s right. Twenty-seven years ago. Mark packed up his family where he lived in Anchorage, Alaska and traveled across the country and settled in a small town in Oklahoma. And you know what else? Mark knew nothing about the glass business. He had a family of five to provide for and he knew he had to get a job and fast. He had a relative that owned his own glass business so he decided to train under him for a time so eventually he could start his own company. After some time of training he got what he needed for his truck and started out on his own. He started his business completely mobile for his customers. He thought his customers would appreciate him coming them inside of having to drop their car off somewhere and you know what? Who doesn’t want their Tulsa windshield replacement done in the comfort of their own driveway? And that’s the thing about Mark. His customer’s wants and needs are always at the forefront of his mind. He NEVER lets his morals and standards to be compromised. People know Mark and Best Choice Auto Glass for his honesty and standards. His work is not just average. He goes above and beyond and treats his customers like he would want to be treated. But let me tell you about his company. I already mentioned that they are completely mobile. Another wonderful perk to Best Choice Auto Glass is how fast they are able to take care of you. You know most places have a waiting list and sometimes you have to wait three or four days to be seen. With Best Choice Auto Glass your Tulsa windshield replacement will be fixed within twenty-four hours of calling them. Sometimes if you call early enough they can even get you fixed up the same day! Now that is fast service! Now let us talk about the services they provide and their competitive prices. Best Choice Auto Glass is also known for their affordable prices. Your Tulsa windshield replacement will not longer burn a hole in your pocket book, rather you will be surprised that you can write that check without a grimace or hand over that cash without batting an eyelash. Best Choice Auto Glass provides quality work for affordable prices. You will never have to worry about breaking your bank when doing business with Best Choice Auto Glass. They also take care of their customer’s and I will tell you why. Best Choice Auto Glass will give you two things when you get your Tulsa windshield replacement done through them. They will give your vehicle a mini detail after the installation is complete. Which includes vacuuming the front carpets, cleaning the rest of the windows and wiping the front door jambs. Fantastic service right? Who else gives their customers a mini detail after replacing their windshield? Go ahead. Call the other companies. See what services they provide. You will not find another that provides the quality of service that Best Choice Auto Glass does. And that is not all! Along with the free mini detail, you will receive a free chip repair in the first year of getting that windshield replaced. That is a $55 dollar value! Convinced yet that Best Choice Auto Glass should be your number glass company yet? From the beginning Mark Burgess has built his business with high standards, honesty and Integrity. And those standards have not wavered with each passing year. In fact they have only gotten stronger. You will never see Mark compromise his work ethics or standards to make a few extra bucks in his pocket. He will quote you the best and cheapest glass he can get. He and his staff will ask those questions about the many options so that they quote you exactly the windshield you need with ONLY the options you want and need. You see these bigger companies out there do not know what honesty is. They don’t ask these questions. They just quote you the most expensive glass knowing full well you won’t know the difference. Mark will not do that. He will quote you the exact windshield that fits your car. I urge you to get on their Facebook page. Or look them up on Google. Read their reviews. You will see a common theme among them. People will talk about their honesty, their fast and dependable service. And don’t forget, their amazing quality of work. Oh! And their customer service! They are great about staying in contact with their customer. If they are going to be late they are always good at calling their customer and letting them they will be late. You will not find another company more dedicated to their customers then Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark truly cares more about his customer’s and getting them the best price and best quality of work. I promise you, you won’t find a company as good Best Choice Auto Glass. Everybody who has used this business and been satisfied doesn’t use anyone else afterwards. I urge you to become a part of their loyal customers! You won’t be disappointed! Call today for your free quote!