In need of a new windshield? Or maybe just a chip repair? Maybe a rock flew out of nowhere and hit your windshield and now you have a huge crack running down the length of your windshield? Or, maybe it is the original windshield for a very old vehicle, and it is so pockmarked and scratched up that you can’t hardly see through it? You need the best windshield replacement Tulsa Well, here’s the solution: there is a company that is completely mobile and replaces auto glass better than Safelite, which charges you way overpriced, or Robinson Glass, and especially those cheaper guys who can charge you $99 dollars for a windshield replacement because they skip so many steps in doing a windshield replacement right the first time that it causes a whole lot more hassle for you and the company that goes to replace it the second time because your windshield started leaking and now you can’t get a hold of those first guys who were able to do it for $99 dollars because they just want to make some money and don’t really care about your satisfaction or the repercussions their poor job has had on your bank account. So, this company that takes such good care of their customers that they have over 100 5-star Google reviews? Best Choice Auto Glass. This is the company you can count on as being the best. Mark Burgess founded this best windshield replacement Tulsa in 1991, and has been in the field for over 27 years. Best Choice Auto Glass is quickly expanding, and will soon be able to get to our customers even faster! Right now, if you were to call Best Choice Auto Glass and ask for a FREE quote on your windshield replacement, more than likely they would be able to get you taken care of within 48 hours, maybe even less! Best Choice Auto Glass has professional pricing, or competitive pricing for all of his fleet customers and the semi trucks he has been working on for 24 years. There are a few more reasons Best Choice Auto Glass is the best windshield replacement Tulsa, one of them being that the have a lifetime no-leak guarantee on all of their work, which means that if they did something wrong in the replacement, they will come and fix it for free, because your satisfaction means everything to them. You see, those guys that offered to do your windshield for $99 dollars probably don’t have any kind of warranty or guarantee on their work, and they probably leave a whole bunch of dirt and dust in your car, which is probably very frustrating, and this leads us to the second reason why BEst Choice AUto Glass is the best windshield replacement Tulsa, and that is that with every windshield replacement, they also have their Best Choice Mini Detail, in which they will clean the exterior of all of the glass in your vehicle, vacuum your front carpets, and wipe out your front door jambs; goodbye, dirty car! Voila, no more frustrating paper mats left on your floorboards, either. Mark has always said he tries to leave the vehicle cleaner than he left than it was when he came, and he teaches of all his employees to abide by this same “code,” and we guarantee you will always be satisfied. Oh! And, another reason why Best Choice Auto Glass is clearly the best windshield replacement TUlsa? You also get a free chip repair within the first year on the replaced windshield! What isn’t to love about all of that? So, let’s go over all of the great things about Best Choice Auto Glass: First of all, Mark, the owner and founder of the best windshield replacement TUlsa, is SUPER experienced; like I said, he has been doing this for over 27 years! That’s a long time, and, one of his senior employees, has also had vast experience in this field for about 10 years! Mark also teaches his employees to concentrate on great customer service, integrity, a hard work ethic, honesty, and attention to detail, all of which will be exemplified if you choose to use Best Choice Auto Glass for all of your future windshield needs, seeing as they are the best windshield replacement Tulsa. They also have their extras: competitive and professional pricing, and also the best choice mini detail, which is, again, vacuuming your front carpets, wiping out your front door jambs, and clean the exterior of all the other glass in your vehicle.And, let’s not forget about the free chip repair within the first year! Plus, Best Choice Auto Glass is clearly the best windshield replacement Tulsa because of how many 5-star Google reviews! I mean, we all trust Google to show us actual businesses with great reviews, and as Best Choice Auto Glass grows and gets more and more reviews, we are very slowly climbing to the top! ALso, Best Choice Auto Glass is very concerned with how our customers feel about their experience with us, so we will always make sure that, if you call us with a complaint, that we do something to make sure you are satisfied with the job we did on your windshield replacement. So, what are you waiting for? Call Best Choice Auto Glass today! We are clearly the best choice, also, because in addition to all the aforementioned benefits, we also have a lifetime no-leak guarantee on all of our work, as well as very friendly and experienced people answering our phones, so you are always sure to walk away from a call to Best CHoice Auto Glass with a smile on your face, having experienced that good feeling of actually talking to a friendly representative on the phone! And, let’s not forget about how many years combined all of our technicians have! Honestly, you can make no better choice when it comes to the strength and integrity of your vehicle than to call Best Choice Auto Glass. We look forward to hearing from you right away!