Have you ever had to have your windshield replaced? If you have, then you know the pure hassle and stress that this process can have on you, and sometimes even your loved ones., Well, no more! First of all, let’s say that you do end up calling 5 auto glass shop Tulsa, and then you find out that their prices are either super high, or as low as $99. At first, this seems like a good thing: you cross out the super high-priced ones, and save a ton of money by paying around $110, after taxes and all. So, you think, “this is great! I just saved a bunch of money, and everything looks great…almost.” You realize all of a sudden that there are fingerprints on the glass, and mud on your carpets, and..is that..dust on your steering wheel? Well, it’s okay…it’s just a little dirt. It won’t take five minutes to clean up. So, you are going down the road, and then it starts raining, and you notice..your windshield is leaking. So, you call the company you went with, and they tell you they will call you back, and you never hear from them again. This is exactly what would happen with your typical super cheap, used windshield company. So, let me tell you right now: don’t make that mistake! Make sure that the auto glass shop Tulsa that you decide to go with doesn‘t overcharge you, but also remember that quality does come at a price, and oftentimes, the cheapest jobs probably aren’t the best. Now, this isn’t to say that you can’t get quality work at a fraction of a normal price; for example, if Safelite auto glass shop Tulsa charges you $699 for a windshield replacement, then you should definitely go with, say, Best Choice Auto Glass, an auto glass shop Tulsa that might charge you, like, $225 plus tax for the exact same job, plus all of their extras that are included in that price! However, you should NOT go with someone like AUto Glass Now, who might charge you $99, but then leave you in that same predicament we talked about above; dirty car, a leaky windshield, and a company that absolutely will not call you back. Then, you go to leave them a review and see that there are already tons of other people who left unsatisfied reviews. Oh man, how you wished you had looked at the Google Reviews of the auto glass shop Tulsa! Maybe, if you had payed attention to them, you wouldn’t have gotten yourself into this mess! So, if you ever need to have your windshield replaced again, what are some of the steps you should take? Well, first of all, there is one surefire test: check the auto glass shop Tulsa’s Google reviews. For example, if they have 50 or more 5-star Google reviews, then they are probably a company that is worth asking about, maybe even playing to replace your windshields. Just remember, a company’s Google reviews isn’t all that you should consider, though. If you have looked at a company’s Google reviews and it seems as if everyone who went with them was happy with the quality of their work, then you should definitely call that company. THis is the second test: If the company answers the phone, then that is an A++. If not, and it isn’t lunch time, then wait for about 15 minutes to see if they call you back. If not, don’t even worry about calling them again later; always choose a company that seems likely to call you back and be willing to apologize for missing your call. Remember, this is one of the most important things to pay attention to when choosing which company will do your auto glass shop Tulsa windshield replacement. Here is another little random lesson: NEVER COMPROMISE. If you have any inkling that maybe this company may not be the right one to do your windshield replacement, then be sure to NOT go with that company! So, how do you find the perfect company? Well, let me tell you, there are TONS of companies out there that honestly want to do you a good job but they either don’t have the experience, tools, or the money to get a new windshield. So, which company DO you use? Well, in all honesty, there is really only one choice: Best CHoice Auto Glass of Tulsa. The CEO, Mark Burgess, has been in business for over 27 years, and no regrets yet! This is a family-owned company, with the hard-working, family customer in mind. We never cut corners, and we take all of the steps that we should to make sure we always pick up your call, and never let your windshield leak. In fact, if we did a job for you and the windshield starts to leak because of negligence on our part, we will come out and fix it for free! Not to worry though, this hardly ever happens. In fact, a good testament to this is is the fact that they have over 130 5-star Google reviews! They have been striving for a few years now to get those Google Reviews, and let me tell you, they are hard-earned! We always, however, strive for customer satisfaction, whether they give us a Google review or not! We always try to answer the phone, and most of the time, we have someone watching the phone during all auto glass shop Tulsa business hours, whether it is lunch time or not! We value your business, and we would do anything to earn your trust and goodwill. We have a shop in Broken Arrow, or we can bring our truck and your windshield directly to your house, workplace, or pretty much wherever! Well, remember those extras I mentioned earlier? Those include our no-leak lifetime guarantee, as well our Best Choice Mini Detail, which includes wiping the front door jambs, cleaning the exterior of the rest of the glass on the vehicle, and vacuuming the front carpets! Our office address is 3060 North Aspen Ave, Broken Arrow. Our phone number is 918.835.6026. DOn’t hesitate to give us a call!