Do you live in the Tulsa area? If you do, you know that there are quite a few auto glass companies to avoid, they will not do the job right and take a lot of your money by overcharging. Have you found an auto glass company that is the best and will do the job right? Best Choice Auto Glass is the company you need to help you with all of your auto glass needs. They will not overcharge you, they will do an amazing job with your auto glass needs. At Best Choice Auto Glass whenever we replace a windshield we offer a few things to go along with it for free. The first thing is a no leak guarantee on all of the parts, the second thing is a Best Choice Auto Glass Mini Detail. That includes us wiping down the front door jams, cleaning out the exterior of the rest of the windows and vacuuming the front carpets so that everything is squeaky clean. We also will give you a free chip repair near Tulsa in the first year of having your windshield replaced.

Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does windshield calibrations? Well no, let me tell you about it, Best Choice Auto glass has a goal of trying to severe everyone to the best of their abilities. So that means that we will calibrate your lane deviation warning cameras if possible. Once you have your windshield replaced you will need to have your lane deviation camera calibration camera re calibrated or else it is really dangerous to drive your car it might mess up some of your other systems. At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to provide our customers with the best experience possible. Starting with our windshield replacement. We offer you a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will give a free chip repair near Tulsa in the first year of having your windshield replaced. If you had your windshield replaced six months ago we will still honor the free chip repair near Tulsa. Best Choice Auto Glass will also do a free mini detail service. The mini detail service includes wiping down both the front door jams and the exterior of the windows and vacuuming the front carpets until everything is squeaky clean.

Did  you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can do chip repairs? Well if you are ever driving on the road and something hits your windshield and makes a chip in it remember that Best Choice Auto Glass will be able to fix it for less than a hundred dollars!  We will be able to get to you in the next couple of days also. Did you know that all of Best Choice Auto Glass’s technicians are dow certified? Well all of our auto glass technicians are certified to be able to do the job with complete knowledge of what they are doing. One of the technicians is certified to do windshield camera calibrations but all of our technicians are certified to replace windshields. All of our employees when they are hired have to provide the information to a background check in order to work at a certain place. Some of the commercial customers that we replace semi truck windshields for will not allow the technician to replace the windshield unless that person has a background check. Did you know that Best Choice Auto glass does online invoicing? That means that whatever job we do for you, you will not get a paper invoice for it but instead we will send one to your email. If you need a quote for a windshield, window, back glass, chip repair near Tulsa, windshield calibration or anything else give Best Choice Auto Glass a call at 918.835.6026., email us at, or visit our website at If you have any questions or concerns about any of our services feel free to contact us and remember that we are completely mobile and ready to serve you wherever you are. You are eighteen, you just finished high school and you work full time, on the days that you do not help out a family you work at Chick-fil-a. You love your jobs. You are able to drive on your own and you love being able to have some independence and freedom to rule your life. You have been looking forward to moving out on your own and not living with your parents. If you had a choice you would love to move in with the family you help out, but you do want to have your own place so you can have your own schedule and life. You are looking forward to living with your boyfriend but he still has another year of high school and as of right now you are helping him though that. On your way to work, you have to go through a long stretch of road and sometimes there can be lots of rocks on the road from gravel trucks and since you live in Oklahoma you never know what the weather is going to be like. Some days in can get really warm and then it can be really cold. And that can wreak havoc on windshields and chips. If someone had a chip in their windshield it can turn into a crack in no time at all depending on the weather. You had a chip repair near Tulsa in your windshield and you know since you never know what the weather is going to be like in Oklahoma you need to get the chip fixed. So you called Best Choice Auto Glass to get it repaired as soon as you could. You know since there are a lot of auto glass businesses, that Best Choice is the best one because of their dependable work and that they are the best in Tulsa. Check out our about us video

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