It was a tuesday night and you were just getting in the car in the parking lot of your work. You work at a semi-truck leasing company. Your job is to keep all of the trucks working and running. You also help keep the shop clean. Before you left the parking lot you were thinking to yourself about how much you would like to find a job where you can help other people and not stay at a shop all of the time. So on the way home you kept on thinking about it and you decided that since you still want to work with vehicles that a job as an auto glass technician might be the job for you. So you go home and change. You make yourself diner and you go to you computer and look up to see if any auto glass business were hiring. So you went to bed thinking about it. The next morning when you wake up you decided that the first Auto glass business that you were going to call to see if they were hiring was Best Choice Auto Glass. When you called them they answered you and told you that they were hiring and that if you wanted to schedule an interview that their next one would be the next day at eleven. You told them that you were not scheduled to work that day and that you would be able to make that. So the next day you show up to the shop and had your interview. It went really well. They hired you on the spot. They said that you would have to fill out some paperwork and you would be able to start in about two weeks so that you can fill out the paperwork and give your other job a two weeks notice. So you take the paperwork and fill it out and the following week you give the filled out paperwork to them so that they are able to officially hire you. So the next week you got ready to switch jobs because that following Monday you were going to start out how to do a chip repair in Tulsa. So you show up to work on Monday and you learn what all the tools are and where everything goes and you learn how to repair a chip repair in Tulsa. For the next few weeks everything went really well. You got your business shirts and you started to learn how to replace a windshield. Then it happened. Your windshield finally got a crack in your windshield. This would be the first windshield that you would have to replace in that vehicle and you have had the same vehicle for more than three years now. So that morning you asked your boss how much it would take to get that windshield replaced He said that you would get a discount because you work there. You also asked your boss when you could get that done. He said that it would most like would be near the middle of the week. So that week you get it replaced and a month later you ended up getting a chip repair in Tulsa on it. Thankfully since you just had it replaced the chip repair was free. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will give you a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced? Well if you get your windshield replaced you will receive a few things to go along with your replacement and a free chip repair in Tulsa is one of them. Another thing that you will get is a free mini detail service that includes getting your front door jams wiped, cleaning the exterior of the windows and getting the front carpets vacuumed. We also offer you a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is able to tint your windows? Well we have been offering that for a few months now and if you want during the same appointment as your chip repair in Tulsa at our shop we can tint your windows. We are also mobile. Even though we do not offer tinting or windshield calibrations mobile we are able to come to wherever you are to replace your windshield or for your chip repair in Tulsa. Did you know that Best choice Auto Glass is not only in the Tulsa area but we will also go to Muskogee? We will go that way in order to serve all of our customers and to give everyone the same great service. Did you know that best Choice Auto Glass does windshield calibrations? We will do those for people who just had their windshield replaced who has lane deviation warning. Did you know that driving your car that has lane deviation system on it right after you had your windshield replaced without having it calibrated can mess up some of your other systems in your car? Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile. That means that they are able to go to wherever you are located. We do charge a service fee if it is outside the Tulsa area and Muskogee. Even if you are in Owasso we will come to you. Are you in Sand Springs? Well we will be there also. We will be wherever you are located even if you are at home or at work. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass has been serving the Tulsa area for over twenty eight years now? In case you didn’t know here is what all Best Choice Auto Glass does for you: they will replace both personal and commercial vehicles, they will do chip repairs, they will tint, they will do windshield calibrations, they will come to wherever you are. So if you have any questions or concerns or even if you just want a quote you are able to contact us through Facebook, email: or phone: 918-835-6026. Check out our about us video on our website!chip repair in Tulsa