You are driving down the highway, the radio blaring to your favorite tunes. The new car smell still lingers in the air, life is good. BAM! Out of nowhere a big rock hits the passenger side of the windshield, leaving a quarter size chip and a large crack from the chip to the middle of the windshield. You pull over to and take a deep breath before continuing to drive. Getting a new windshield is not something you want to think about right now. I have good news for your Muskogee windshield repair. Maybe you don’t know a lot about the windshield companies around but I am here to save you the trouble of all the hassle of looking for one. Let take a minute and tell about this amazing windshield repair company. Mark Burgess founded Best Choice Auto Glass over 25 years ago. He is not an ordinary CEO. He doesn’t sit at a desk from 8-5 every day but instead chooses to be out working, making sure his customers get the best work possible. He has an outstanding work ethic and always go way above and beyond what he is asked. His employees are trained to provide the same customer service and quality work as well so you know you will get the best all the time, every time. I know what you are thinking. You don’t want to drive very far and sit and wait for hours in a waiting room like you do whenever you get your car fixed for something. Well guess what? Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile! That’s right. I said completely mobile. We will come to your house or place of work and you can wait in the comfort of your own home for your Muskogee Windshield repair. Basically, you tell us when you want it done and where you need us to come and we will be there. It’s that easy! Best Choice Auto Glass is dependable, reliable and over all the best choice for chip repair or windshield replacement. AND whenever you receive a windshield replacement you will receive a free chip repair as long as it is in six months of the replacement. Their impeccable customer service and quality work will make you want to never use another company for your Muskogee windshield repair! Their prices for chip repairs and windshield replacements are affordable and if you aren’t happy with the work, you are guaranteed your money back. I have no worries that you won’t be happy. In addition to the fast and quality service you will receive from Best Choice Auto Glass, we also will leave your car cleaner than when we started! After replacing your windshield or repairing a chip we will also vacuum your front carpets and clean your windows, review mirror and door jams. What other company would go the extra mile? No one! Customer service and quality work is a priority and you won’t be disappointed! Have I convinced you yet that you need to call Best Choice Auto Glass? If not feel free to do some research on your own. You will find the prices from Best Choice Auto Glass is more affordable. Most places will charge you way more and may not even get to your windshield repair or replacement within 24 to 36 hours. A lot of places might have you waiting a week. Why? Because customer service is not a priority. This is not the case for Best Choice Auto Glass. We will schedule you for your Muskogee windshield repair within 24-36 hours of receiving your call. Now that’s what I’m talking about! No one has time to wait a week to get anything replaced when it comes to dealing with car repairs. Especially, when it comes to being safe when on the road. Not only is it frustrating to drive with a cracked windshield it is unsafe for yourself and for the others on the road. What would happen if another rock came crashing down on it again before you had a chance to get it fixed? It might shatter and then probably cause you to wreck and be injured. It could possibly cause other cars to wreck.You don’t have to worry about that with us. You can always rely on Best Choice Auto Glass for a fast response to your Muskogee Windshield repair. We also have a Facebook page that you can go to and read reviews from previous and current customers. Feel free to like and follow us for more personal stories and reviews. You will see we have many happy and satisfied customers. We want you to be one of them! I understand it is a daunting task to find the right company for any car repairs. There are handfuls of companies to choose from. How will you know you will get the quality care you want? Or maybe once you get it fixed, it starts leaking a week after? And then you have to take it in again. No has the time or patience to deal with that. And who has hours to spend on calling for quotes? And of course then you run into automated messages, telling you to press this number and again press another number and then when you spend 15 minutes going back and forth you can finally leave your number for a call back. And you probably won’t get a call back the same day. But I assure you, with Best Choice Auto Glass, the call is easy. No long waits or frustrating 15 minute calls. When you call you will be asked to leave your number and a little information. You will be called back directly and scheduled immediately. No long waits. No hassles. Your Muskogee windshield repair will be the best part of your day! Don’t wait! I urge you to pick up the phone and give us a call today for your free quote! You will be happy you did and wonder why you didn’t call us first!