So while you are driving down the county dirt road, you just noticed there are a ton of cows on the side of the road. How in the world do they just stand there and chew their cud? That must be soooo boring. Blasting your favorite song on your very brand new radio. You are extremely happy. Your life is going absolutely perfectly. Just how you planned it. A lot of people say that your life does not go how you plan it. But it is. Then you start to think about how blessed you are. You have a good life. Everything is going perfectly, a very big house, an inground pool, lots of good food, a ton of best friends, a large family, a shiny nice car, and not a chip in your windshield. You then start to think about what you are going to have for dinner. Then while you are driving, BAM!!!! Out of nowhere a large rock hits your windshield. CRACK!!! A large crack spreads in front of the driver side of the windshield all the way to the passenger side. You do not have time for this! You are devastated. You had a meeting in four hours and had to pick up a friend before this and you now need a brand new windshield. Are you wondering who to call to get it fixed? How long will it take? Are you going to be able to get it fixed before your meeting? Well in Tulsa windshield replacement you have someone you can count on Best Choice Auto Glass! They are the best Auto Glass company in the tulsa area. They have been serving tulsa and the surrounding area for over 27 years. The owner of Best Choice Auto Glass has owned Best Choice Auto Glass for over 27 years. His name is Mark Burgess. At Best Choice Auto Glass we strive for the very best. We give the best deal on your Tulsa windshield replacement. Best Choice Auto Glass is the best tulsa windshield replacement. At Best Choice Auto Glass we offer you a free mini detail service, a free chip repair in the first year and we can also calibrate your car camara and do window tinting. Are you wondering what a free mini detail service includes? The free mini detail includes us cleaning the front door james, vacuming out the front carpets, and us cleaning the exterior of all the windows. Are you tired of going to the car wash to vacuum out your car carpets all the time? Well you do not have to! Best Choice Auto Glass does it for free. Is there a spot on your back window that you keep on forgetting to clean? Do you have little finger prints of your back windows? Best Choice Auto Glass has you covered! Are your front door jams getting dirty? Well Best Choice Auto is going to clean it for you! When you get your tulsa windshield replacement you get a free chip repair in the first year of having it replaced. That means while you are driving down the road and a rock hits your windshield you do not have to pay a single cent! Not even a penny. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE! Did you just buy a new shiny car? Do you need to have the windshield replaced? Well did you know that you will have to have you camara calibrated. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does camera calibrations? Well at Best Choice Auto Glass we can calibrate your windshield camera right after we replace your windshield! Why would you even bother to calibrate your camera? You need to calibrate that windshield camera as soon as you can. Did you know that it is not safe to drive your car without having the camera calibrated? Without it, it does not properly tell you how far away from the lines of the road or how close you are to a car. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is mobile? We can come right to your house or work! Now you do not need to sit in a shop and wait a couple of hours waiting in a cold, noisy,and dusty shop instead you get to sit in the comforts of home. You get to relax on a nice soft cushy couch eating your favorite foods. Best Choice Auto Glass also has a shop. We can come to either to you or you could come to us! It is your choice! We now offer window tinting! We can tint your windshield right after you get your tulsa windshield replacement. At our shop we offer a full coffee bar, with hot chocolate , teas and cookies. The owner Mark goes to work every day, rain or shine. He will take care of all of your auto glass needs. China the call representative is there for you from 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. China will give you the best price for the tulsa windshield replacement. Best Choice Auto Glass also does Semi Truck glass and commercial glass. Do you own a business? We can replace all of your auto glass for you! Best Choice Auto Glass also repairs chips in your windshield. If they are smaller than a quarter, we can repair them! The initial repair is $55 and $20 for each one after that. You can contact us anytime with your windshield, side glass, back glass problems. Do you have a leaky back glass? Was it done cheaply? Did the company who did it cut corners doing the job? Well at Best Choice Auto Glass we do not cut corners while doing the job. At Best Choice Auto Glass we like serving our customers and providing them with the absolutely best service. You can contact Best Choice Auto Glass from eight to five Monday through Friday. Is it an emergency we might be able to get you in today! So call us today at (918)-835-6026.