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Tulsa Windshield Replacement

I am not here to tell you about a company I THINK you should use for your Tulsa Windshield Replacement. I am here to tell you about a company I KNOW you should use. Not just for your windshield replacement but for ALL your auto glass needs. Their auto glass technicians are fast, knowledgeable, courteous and will do quality work. You will see after one time of using them for your auto glass needs that Best Choice Auto Glass is the BEST auto glass company around. That is right. Their name is Best Choice Auto Glass. Maybe you have heard of them. Mark Burgess, President and founder, started this auto glass business about twenty-seven years ago. That is a long time right? Long enough to know exactly what he is doing and long enough to know the right way of replacing your Tulsa windshield replacement. Or maybe your vehicle got broken into and you need a new door glass, or maybe someone broke the back glass. Not to worry, they can replace all those. They even replace the regulators in the doors. Maybe your car window doesn’t roll up well that is probably the regulator broken. Mark and his technicians are very knowledgeable about vehicles. So it may be scary to see your car door get taken apart or your Tulsa windshield replacement get taken out but trust me, they will put it back together and make it look newer than when they started! So let us start at the beginning. Like I said, this company has been around for about twenty-seven years. Mark moved his family from Anchorage, Alaska to a small little town in Oklahoma. But guess what? Mark didn’t know anything about the glass business! That’s right! He had a relative though in Oklahoma that owned his own glass company so he went to him and trained with him for some time before packing his truck down and starting out on his own. Of course, he did not have very many customers to begin with. It took some time for him to get customers but right away, everyone that used him for the first time, became his loyal customers for life. And for many many years, he did things by himself. He had his sons help him from time to time and had a single employee from time to time. He made a living and provided for his family. But here is the thing about Mark. Mark has morals, standards, and strong work ethics. And you won’t find a more honest and trustworthy guy. I always tell people, your Tulsa windshield replacement is in the best hands you could get. Because Mark and his technicians will do things right, the right way the first time. You won’t have to worry about things broken or messed up. And if something does happen, they will tell you about it and make it right. In twenty-seven years Mark has been in business, I can count on one hand just how many mistakes they had. Mark makes sure his technicians are well trained before letting them go off on their own and that is very evidently shown when they do your Tulsa windshield replacement. So let me start by saying getting an appointment with this company is so easy. You do not have to worry about waiting days or weeks to get your car in. Best Choice Auto Glass will get you in within twenty-four to forty-eight hours of calling them to schedule! That is fast, right? Not to mention their prices are the best around for the quality of work you get. Sure you can go out and get a windshield replacement for $150 dollars but does that mean it will be done right and very good? Probably not. Because if you take the time to call around, there are very few companies that will do it that cheap. So there is a red flag if you find something ridiculously that cheap. Trust me, within a year your windshield will be leaking and guess what? Your cheap replacement didn’t come with any warranty, so now you have to go out and spend money again on it. My bet is you won’t go so cheap this time right? Sometimes it is worth the effort to save a few more weeks to afford the more expensive windshield. So once Best Choice Auto Glass arrives for your Tulsa windshield replacement, they will begin by placing floor mats so they don’t get your front carpets dirty with they dirty boots. Nice right? We all hate getting our vehicles back from the mechanic and the floorboards are a mess right? That is so annoying and frustrating. These floor mats will be down the entire process. The entire replacement takes about an hour. Then once the installation is done, the floor mats will be removed and the technicians will dispose of them and then here is the exciting part. They will give your vehicle a little mini detail. So they will vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on your vehicle and wipe the front door jambs! Amazing right? That is not all! You will also get a free chip repair in the first year. Which is a $55 dollar value! I assure you, this is not too good to be true. All that is part of your windshield replacement package. You will not find that kind of service anywhere else. Mark wants his customers to know that he understands living on a budget, and how important ones vehicle is in your day to day life. He will treat your vehicle like his own. And anyone that knows Mark, knows he is very particular! He will leave it cleaner then when they started. So do not waste anymore time calling company after company. There is only one company you should call and that is Best Choice Auto Glass. Pick up the phone and call 918.835.6026 to receive your free quote!