You were getting really lonely. This self quarantine had been lasting for two months and you were quarantining alone. You would have done it with your boyfriend but he had an essential job and you were high risk. You are missing him so badly now.  He is the most amazing person in the world. He is kind, sweet, loving, extremely handsome and really fit. You decided to do a drive-by at his house because you miss him so bad. On the way there you noticed that you had a chip on the windshield. You thought “ I guess I will have to take care of that tomorrow and call Best Choice Auto Glass to get a chip repair. I just hope that it does not turn into a auto glass near me Bixby.” but what you did not know was that it was going to spread across your entire windshield replacement Tulsa overnight. The next morning you were going to go pick up your online grocery order and once you got into your car you noticed that it was really long and that you would need to call the soonest that you could to get it replaced. So you went back into your house and called Best Choice Auto Glass to get a auto glass near me Bixby. They gave you a really good deal and you would be able to get it fixed the very next day. That was good since it was going to rain really soon. With the replacement they gave you a free chip repair in the first year of getting your windshield replaced. You will also get a free mini detail service at the time when you get your windshield replaced. That includes wiping down the front door jam, vacuuming the front carpet and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows. This will help keep the places that are the most rejected have a quick clean. You will also have a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. We promise that we will fix it if anything starts to leak when it rains, or snows. Are you sick and tired of being in your house? Is this quarantine lasting too long for your comfort? Are you wanting to just get out of the house? Some things that you can do is drive around and say hi to people from your car while social distancing. Even though the virus has forced down many companies temporarily, Best Choice Auto Glass is still there the same as always taking care of you and your auto glass needs. We will continue to replace your auto glass near me Bixby and we will still fix your chip repairs. We are taking the precautions and keeping everything sanitized and clean and wearing masks. We will do our best not to spread the virus around to you. Best Choice Auto Glass is keeping the same good service but with cleaner.  With the auto glass near me Bixby you get a free chip repair, a free mini detail service and a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. That means that we guarantee that the auto glass near me Bixby will not leak for the lifetime of that windshield. We will fix the windshield if it starts to leak for a really low price to free. Best Choice Auto Glass will also fix your chip repairs. Those cost only sixty five dollars. We will fix any chip repair the size of a quarter or smaller. If you get your windshield replaced you will get a free chip repair in the first year. That means that if you are driving down the road and you are behind a truck that is carrying gravel. And a rock flies out of the back of the truck and hits your windshield. If it only creates a chip in the windshield and you had just gotten it replaced by Best Choice Auto Glass it would be free but if it creates a crack in the windshield you will need to get that replaced by Best choice Auto Glass. They will repair the chip for only sixty five dollars. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can calibrate your windshield camera lane deviation systems?  We are able to do that during the same appointment as replacing your windshield. Did you know that it is extremely dangerous once you replace your windshield to drive your car if you have lane deviation warning? It is proven that if you drive your car just after having your windshield replace you will need to have your windshield camera calibrated. At Best Choice Auto Glass we are able to replace your auto glass near me Bixby and calibrate your windshield the same day! Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely Mobile Did you know that Best choice Auto Glass is not only in the Tulsa area but we will also go to Muskogee? We will go that way in order to serve all of our customers and to give everyone the same great service. That means that if you are really busy and you cannot get a day off from work we will come to wherever you are. You do not have to come to our shop. We will come to you for no extra charge.  Just to remind you what all we do here it is: windshield replacement , window replacements, back glass replacement, chip repairs, camera calibrations, and tinting we are also mobile and have a shop. We will come to wherever you are and might be able to get to you that day to do your windshield replacement Tulsa. We also are local. We are not those national companies trying to take your money. We are a local company trying to help the economy of the state of Oklahoma.  If you ever need anything or have a question about what we do at Best Choice Auto Glass give us a call at 918.835.6026 or visit us online. Check out our about us video!