One of my favorite things is to go driving down the road for no reason. Just the feeling of driving alone, listening to your favorite music while you just think about life. You can even sing your music out loud since there is no one around for miles. You can feel the wind in your hair. The sensation of peace and quiet. It is the best thing that has happened this week. Since you are in your new convertible blue car. You just payed off the car yesterday. It feels so official. You just moved into a new house and got a pay raise at your job. Life is going great. You have a TON of friend that care about you and would do anything for you. You go dancing every week. You take karate lessons. You have everything that you need in your life. But while you are driving your windshield decides that you do not have everything you need. BAM!!!!!! It cracks right across the whole entire windshield. Now you need a new windshield. That is the last thing that you wanted right now. Out of all the things that could have happened, fate chose you to get a new windshield. You just knew that your life was going too good to be true. But you must be thinking that new windshields must cost six hundred dollars. Not including the calibration. Now the question is who do you call to get it replaced? Well you had a friend who just got his windshield replacement tulsa for a really good deal. So you call him up and you chat for a while and finally you say “ my windshield just cracked. Who did you have replace your windshield?” and he says ”Best Choice Auto Glass! They did a wonderful job. They did a free mini detail, they calibrated my windshield, tinted my windows, they offered me a free chip repair in the first year of having it replaced and they came to me. I did not have to go anywhere!” It sounds like Best Choice Auto Glass is the company that I need! Best Choice Auto glass loves broken glass and chips! They are an auto glass company that will treat you like family. At Best Choice Auto we give you the best service that a business can give you. The owner Mark has own the business for over twenty seven years. He has strived to make Best Choice Auto Glass the best windshield replacement tulsa and in the surrounding areas. We can fill in chips that are a quarter size or smaller. Now days he works non stop. At Best Choice Auto Glass we offer a few thing that come along with your windshield replacement tulsa. We off the Best Choice Mini Detail and a free chip repair in the first year. What is the Best Choice Mini Detail service? Do you like to have your front carpets cleaned for free? Are tired of going to the car wash or gas station just to vacuum out your carpets? We vacuum up all of the broken glass, dirt, grim and all of the other junk that will get to your front carpets. Do you like to have your front door jams cleaned for free? Are you tired of going outside whenever it is super cold or super hot outside with a bucket of soapy water just to clean your front door jams? We wipe all the mud, dirt and food off of your front door jams. Do you like to have all of the exterior windows cleaned for free? Are you tired of getting windex to clean your car windows? Is it hard to clean those windows because of all of the dirt? We clean all of the hand prints, dust, and dirt splatters. In case you were wondering the Best Choice Mini Detail service includes us cleaning your front carpets, wiping down the front door jams and cleaning all of the exterior windows. We also offer a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replacement tulsa. You do not have to pay a single cent for it. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE! It costs nothing! Do you like going to a dirty shop and sitting for an a few hours with no food or drink? Well at Best Choice Auto Glass we are mobile! We can come to you while you sit at home relaxing while we do all the work. You can relax on the couch eating your favorite foods watching the television. We also have a shop if that is more convenient for you. At our shop you can sit on a comfy seat drinking coffee and eating a granola bar or a piece of candy. Our shop is very cosy and clean. At Best Choice Auto Glass we strive to be the best company to fit all of your auto glass needs. At Best Choice Auto Glass we can calibrate your windshield for you! What does that it mean to calibrate the camera windshield? It means that we have to recenter the camera to the road so that it can tell you when you are getting too close to the edge of the road or when you are about to back up into another car. At Best Choice Auto Glass we can tint your windows. At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to provide you with the best experience you can have starting with when you call us. Our call representative will happily give you a quote. She also will schedule your windshield replacement tulsa for the best time for you. We will try to get you in as soon as we can. Your windshield replacement tulsa is the thing that you need right now if you have a cracked windshield. Give us a call at 918.835.6026. Or visit our website at We would love to take care of all your auto glass needs for you and your vehicle.