You are taking your morning walk that you always take in the morning. It helps you wake up for the day and helps you just feel good. This morning you are sad since you are taking your morning walk alone. Usually your husband joins you and you guys talk about everything and nothing. It is a way for you two to catch up on anything needing to be caught up and it brings you guys emotionally closer. You love your husband. You had liked him starting around age eight. At sixteen you two became boyfriend and girlfriend and you started to love him. He is super sweet, handsome, kind, caring, and he adores you. He will just stand there loving on you all day if he had the chance. Whenever you are making dinner he will readily help you with preparing it and he readily gives you hugs. You are almost done with your walk  when your husband calls you that he will be able to come home early from his work trip. You both are super happy with the news because you both get super sad when not with the other. He is about five hours drive time from your house.  Instead of flying he decided that he will drive his brand new car for the trip. You almost went with him but you had to work late the day that he had to leave so it did not work out for you to go sadly. Once your walk was done and you were back home you took a shower, ate some food and got ready to go to work.  You work at a daycare and you absolutely love taking care and hanging out with the little kids. The kids love you and you were really happy because of that. They have accepted you as their own. They will play with you, color with you, paint, eat and everything. You even got a raise because you were doing really well. Eight hours later you had just gotten home and changed into some really cozy clothes  and you hear a car pull up into the driveway and you get really excited. You run outside and your husband is bringing his stuff in the house. You help him with his stuff and once it is all put down you wrap him in your arms and pull him into a long kiss. After you guys were done saying hi you then put his stuff into the wash and you clean it all. You then put the rest of his stuff away and you then start to make dinner. You were making some of his favorite kinds of food which is Chinese. You made homemade stir fry and egg rolls that you had made earlier and had put in the freezer. You guys after dinner was ready, set up your favorite show that you were watching together and snuggled while you ate and watched. The next morning your husband said that he needed to call Best Choice Auto Glass in order to get a new windshield since it had cracked on the way back from his trip. Your dad used to own that business and you know that the work quality is the best in the Tulsa area. So your husband called them and got a quote and scheduled a time and day to get it done. They offered your husband a free no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. He also got a free chip repair for the first year of getting the windshield near Tulsa.  They will also give a free mini detail service at the time of the replacement,  wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping the exterior of the windows. Best Choice Auto Glass is the best company there is in the Tulsa area. Their goal is to serve you the best that any company can. Best Choice Auto Glass is there for you when you need your windshield near Tulsa or a chip repair or your camera calibrated. Whenever you call to get your Windshield near Tulsa we will give you the best customer service there is possible. You will be blown away with how good it is. Our customer service girl will walk you through how to get the best quote and the best windshield for your car, she will tell you that when you schedule your windshield near Tulsa you will get a few things free. The first thing that you get free is a no leak guarantee, that means that while you are driving in the rain your windshield will not leak or get any water in your car so you will stay nice and dry. The second thing Best Choice Auto Glass will give you is a free chip repair in the first year of getting your windshield near Tulsa. Best Choice Auto Glass will fix that windshield chip for free if it is within getting your windshield replaced that year. That is a sixty five dollar value for you for free. Best Choice Auto Glass will also give you at the time of service a free mini detail service. The free mini detail service that we give you at the time when we replace your windshield near Tulsa includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpet, and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows. We do all of this so that you can keep on with your busy life with less stress. Best Choice Auto Glass can also calibrate your windshield camera. Not calibrating it can cause you to get in a wreck cause it will not be accurate and may mess up other systems in your car. So whenever you have those systems, after we replace your windshield we will calibrate your camera. If you do not want your camera calibrated we will not replace your windshield. Call Best Choice Auto Glass now today at 918.835.6026! Check out our website and our about us video!

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