Best Choice Auto Glass is the best Auto Glass company that there is to serve your needs. They will replace all of your auto glass for a really good price. For example, when you have a broken Bixby camera calibration we will replace it for a really good price and then offer you a few free things to go along with it. We will give you a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. Then we will at the time of service give you a free mini detail service. The mini detail service includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and they will clean the exterior of all the windows. On top of all of that we will give you a free chip repair on that vehicle within the first year of having your Bixby camera calibration. If you have a lane deviation camera we will offer to calibrate it for you. Did you know that it is extremely important to calibrate those cameras after you have the Bixby camera calibration? It is important because it will not be able to tell exactly where things are and if you are relying on it to tell you the right distances it will not be accurate. Why would you buy extra for that feature if you are not going to use it? We will make sure to do the absolute best job there is in order to help you out. With our Bixby camera calibration, chip repairs, and auto glass we are completely mobile. We will come to you and in this time of social distancing we will take extra precautions to keep clean. We will use gloves, germ x and if we need to take a credit card we will have you read of the numbers, if we need a signature we will sign it for you. We will try our best not spread germs around. We will be open during this time of social distancing, so you can count on us to be your auto glass company all of the time. If something is not urgent we will ask if it is urgent and if it is not we will schedule you for a later time. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? We will come to wherever you are. If you are working from your house we will come there to replace your windshield. If you are part of the crew that goes to work we will go there to do your Bixby camera calibration. Driving along the road, on your way to your grandparents house in the country you notice that you have a chip in the windshield. You call your dad to see if he knows about any auto glass companies that can do chip repairs. Your dad tells you about Best Choice Auto Glass. They will repair chips for sixty five dollars. Their work is also really good. They will also go to wherever you are located. So you got to your grandparents house and you were going to spend the night there. In the morning, you were going to do some heavy lifting for them, that needed to be done. So you worked until the late afternoon in which then you headed home. On the way home you realized that the chip that you had yesterday turned into a crack. So the next morning you called Best Choice Auto Glass to see how much it would cost to do a Bixby camera calibration. They told you that it would not cost that much and that it would come along with a few free things. It would come along with a free chip repair in the first year of having your Bixby camera calibration. It is completely free. We will not even add the cost to the price of the replacement. We will also give you a free mini detail service that includes us wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets, and wiping down the exterior of the windows. So you got your windshield replaced. And since they did such a good job replacing the windshield you referred them to other people and companies. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can replace semi truck glass? We are able to fit into your schedule to get that replaced. If you need us to meet you somewhere in order to get that replaced we will. We will give you a really good price to replace it. . Because we all know that having one window not tinted will mess us all up. Call us at 918.835.6026 or visit our website at or email us at Check out our about us video!