Do you like watching movies? Do you wish that they still did the drive in movies? Have you ever wanted to just go driving for no apparent reason? Do you love seeing the old looking cars still driving on the road? Have you been wanting to go on a vacation for a few months? For months now you have been saving up enough to go on a few weeks of vacation. The day that you leave has finally come! You pack your clothes and put them in the car. You also decided to pack some snacks. You finally leave the house and start to drive off. You decided that you want to camping in Canada! You estimate that it is a twenty hour drive or more. So you get some Oreo and start to drive off. Usually you make a schedule to go off of but not this time. You are just going to drive off. You are a couple hours into your trip and you decided that it was too quiet in the car so you put in your favorite audio book which is the Canterbury tales. You start to listen to the knight’s tale which is your absolute favorite. It is about a two knights who get captured by the duke of Athens, falls in love with the same girl, fights for her and one dies and the other lives happily with her for the rest of his life. Well after that story was done. It was time to make camp. You settle in and go to sleep you dream about how during your trip you are going to get a cracked windshield. During your trip your dream came true! When you came home you had to get your windshield replacement Tulsa, so you called Best Choice Auto Glass. They gave you the best service that you could have imagined. They offered you a few things to go along your windshield replacement Tulsa. The first thing was a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. The second thing was a free mini detail service. The free mini detail service includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping the rest of the exterior windows. They also gave you a free chip repair in the first year of your windshield replacement Tulsa. At Best Choice Auto Glass we strive to serve you to the absolute best that we can. We love to serve our customers so we offer them a few things for their convenience. The first thing is a no leak guarantee for the life of the windshield replacement Tulsa. We offer that because not very many companies will have the courage to offer that because they do not do a very good job and if the windshield replacement Tulsa leaks they will not come back and fix the job. We offer it because if the windshield job does leak we will come back and fix our mistake for no charge. But that does not happen often. We will humbly fix our mistake and offer you a discount. Secondly we will offer you the Best Choice Mini detail service which includes a few things. The first is that we will wipe your front door jams. We know that these are often overlooked so we like to clean those for you. We also will vacuum your front carpets. Those carpets will get dirty easily and we do not want you to have to do it. Lastly we will clean all the dust and grime off of the rest of the exterior windows. Did you know that that is absolutely free! You do not have to pay a thing for it. There is no added cost for it! We also offer you a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replacement Tulsa. If you are driving down the road and a rock hits your windshield and you had your windshield replaced in the past year we will fix that chip for nothing! It is all on us! You do not have to pay a thing! It is COMPLETELY FREE. It will be completely on us. You will be completely happy with us after we repair your chip. You will not be able to see where it was before. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will be able to tint your windows? Did you know that while Best Choice Auto will be able to give a discount the first week of us tinting! You might be able to have your windows tinted for free. You will not have to pay a thing. Are you tired of having all but one window tinted. We will be able to fix you up! Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass calibrates lane deviation cameras? Did you know that it is important to calibrate your lane deviation camera? Do you know what the lane deviation camera is? It is a camera that tells when you are going out of your lane. It is important to have this calibrate or else it will not work properly and it might affect some of the other systems in your car. Did you know the Best Choice Auto does commercial accounts! Do you own a business? Well we can replace your commercial windshields! Do you own a semi-truck business? We can replace those windshields too. Did you know that Best Choice Auto glass is a lot cheaper than you would have thought? It does not take thousands to get your windshield replaced. It only takes a couple hundred to get it replaced? Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can replace quickly? Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass could get you in that day? Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is open from 8-5 Monday through Friday? We can answer any of your windshield or window related questions. Call us today to get a free quote! You can call us at 918-835-6026!