Walking down the street on your way to work, you were thinking about how it would be nice being able to get a car and drive there when it is cold, wet, or snowy. Since you have to walk five miles there and back. It gets windy in Oklahoma and when it is cold, the wind makes it really really cold. You were finally close to being able to get a decent car and you were going to have your boyfriend help pick it out since he was going to also pick out his car. So a month later, you had your boyfriend help you pick out a car that will last you a really long time. It was a nice little car. It was a blue color which is really pretty and it was clean and not beaten up on the inside. It got good gas mileage and it drove nice too. So it was around summer time when you bought your first car and instead of your friends giving you rides to parties, work or to hang out in the park, you were able to give rides to people. You were really happy that you were able to financially have a car and an apartment. It soon was fall and the leaves were blowing around and it was starting to get cold and needing the scarves and jackets. Your boyfriend and you had been going out on quite a few dates lately and you had remembered what he had said two years ago, that once he had a steady jb and both of you guys lived on your own that he would probably propose. And the more you thought about it the more you thought that your boyfriend would propose and the happier you were becoming. About a week later your boyfriend proposed and you said yes and you guys were really happy. You were in your way to go help him pick out your venue. Your maid of honor and best man and both sets of parents were also coming to help and afterward you were going to go on a date with him. So on your way home from the date a rock flies up and hits your windshield cracking it really badly. So in the morning you call Best Choice Auto Glass for a quote for a Broken Arrow windshield repair. Your dad used to own that business before he sold it last year because he is wanting to retire and not have the responsibility of running a business and getting home really tired and exhausted. Your fiancé actually works for Best Choice Auto Glass. So he was the person to actually replace your Broken Arrow windshield repair. When you called Best Choice Auto Glass you were offered for free if you get your Broken Arrow windshield repair. You would get a free mini detail service. The mini detail service includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping down the exterior of the rest of the windows.  At Best Choice Auto Glass we love to provide the best service even to normal people. We can give you a new windshield, we can fix existing chips in your windshield so that they do not spread into cracks, and we can calibrate your lane deviation camera. When we replace your windshield we will give you a few free things to go along with it. The first thing is a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield.  That means that we guarantee that it will not leak as long as it does not have any cracks or chips in it. The second thing was free chip repair in the first year of getting the Broken Arrow windshield repair. That means that if you get a chip in your windshield by a flying rock or anything else and you have had Best Choice Auto Glass replace your windshield in less than a year they will fix it up for you for free. You do not have to pay a cent to get it fixed!  The third thing was a free mini detail service at the time of the replacement. The mini detail service includes, wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpets and cleaning the exterior of the outside windows. All of that comes for free when you replace your windshield with Best Choice Auto Glass. At Best Choice Auto Glass we will give you a free mini detail service. The free mini detail service includes vacuuming the front  carpets, wiping the exterior of the rest of the windows and wiping down the front door jams. We do these things so that whenever you are stressed out and really busy we can help you not worry about these things. Best Choice Auto Glass also offers you windshield lane deviation camera. We are able to calibrate your windshield whenever we replace your Broken Arrow windshield repair. Did you know that it is very unsafe to drive without having your windshield camera calibrated for your lane deviation in your car? We will not replace the windshield unless you are going to have your windshield calibrated. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is able to tint your car windows and bus windows. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? We will come to wherever you are to no extra cost to you. We will come and replace your windshield while you are working. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass has a shop in which you can come to to get your windshield camera calibrated and to get your windows tinted? So if you have any questions or any thing you would like to ask us about what we do feel free to call us at 918.835.6026 you can also get on our website if you have anymore questions or you can also get a quote on our website or you can email us anything you like at Info@bestchoicetulsa.com.

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