Do you need a windshield replacement Tulsa? Have you ever wanted to be an Auto Glass technician? Do you know how to repair a chip in the windshield? Well at Best Choice Auto Glass we can fix your windshield hire you and teach you how to repair your chip. Running, lots and lots of running. My job as a physical fit trainer keeps me in shape in order to put people in shape and keep them in shape. I coach physical training on Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday. Even though my job is physically hard it keeps me in shape when I do what I love to do which is art. I love painting, oil pastels, colored pencils and all the other forms of making art with your hands. I have been a physical trainer for over five years now and I am definitely ready to do something else. I would like to keep doing something to help keep up my physical health like maybe Auto glass but it does not have to be auto glass. I just need something that keeps me moving and lifting things. I am also really good paying close attention to detail. A few days ago when I got into my car to go running at the park with my dog I realized I had a small chip in the chip repair in Bixby. So do you know who I called to fix it? I called the first company who popped up into my head. Would you like to know who that was? Best Choice Auto Glass!  I asked them to see if they were hiring and they said that they were! I was interviewed by them and now I have a new job and are part of the Auto glass team! The auto glass business keeps you in shape and helps you serve other people through your job. I got to learn how to replace windshields, repair chips, calibrate windshield cameras, tint windows and so much more. They are an auto glass company in the Tulsa/Muskogee area who will answer the phone quickly and politely. They will do what they can to fit you into their schedule for the next couple of days. Even though they sometimes cannot get you in that day they most likely will be able to fit you in the next day. Their prices are also amazing, they do not cost thousands of dollars like other companies and they do not charge the amount of money you would charge when you do not get the job done right. Best Choice Auto Glass will do the job right for the right price. If you have an uncommon vehicle they will spend the time trying to get a windshield/ back glass/ or door glass to fit your car. They will look at dealerships, wholesale and used parts places. They will spend hours just to get the right part for you and your vehicle. Did you know that Best choice Auto Glass is not done yet? They will even come to you to replace the windshield. Wherever you are located they will come. Are you at work and you cannot get your car to a shop in order to have the chip repair in Bixby? We will come to your work! Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does not stop there! They will give you a few free things to go alongside with you Auto Glass replacement! The first thing that they do is offer you a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. They will also give you a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced. They, after replacing your windshield will give you a free mini detail service to go along side your chip repair in Bixby. The mini detail service includes up wiping down both the door jams and the exterior of the windows. We will also vacuum the front floor carpets. We will do all of those for free if you have your chip repair in Bixby by us. Best Choice Auto Glass do not stop there though with their services. They also are able to tint your windows and back glasses. Did you know that best Choice Auto Glass will calibrate your windshield camera calibrations? We are certified to calibrate lane deviation cameras by the Auto glass safety council. Did you know that you should not drive your car just after you replace your windshield that has lane deviation warning on it. It is really dangerous and might mess up other systems in your car. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is able to repair chip in your windshield? We start at 65 dollars and will give you a discount to you have multiple chips in the windshield. Best Choice Auto Glass Is always the auto glass company that I use when I need a new chip repair in Bixby or window or back glass. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass has been serving the Tulsa area for over 27 years now. We have been local serving you for almost three decades. And we plan to serve you for much longer than that. We will always be here for you whenever you need a windshield, back glass or even a chip repair. We will always do the job the right way the first time no matter what. You will never be disappointed with Best Choice Auto Glass. We will do the job right and make you happy, especially when the other auto glass companies fail. Whatever you do call best Choice Auto Glass when you need an Auto Glass company to serve you.  So whenever you need an Auto Glass business to get the job done call the only one who will treat you better than family! Call Best Choice Auto Glass now at 918.835.6026 or visit us at  or email us at  Call us today! Check out our about us video!chip repair in Bixby