Driving down the road from work, you suddenly come to a stop in the traffic because everyone is trying to come home from work. Unlike everyone else you have much farther to go. You live in a small city but you work in Tulsa. Since traffic is so slow you decide that you have time to call your best friend to see how her day was. When she answers the phone she tells you that she is also stuck in traffic. She also tells you that she won a trip for four to go on a cruise and that she is inviting you and your husband to go with her and her husband. She tells you that the trip will leave in two weeks and that their kids can hang out and carpool to do things while they are gone. So two weeks later they pack up and leave. Her kids who are ages seventeen, fourteen and ten decided that they did want to hang out in tulsa with their mom’s best friends kids. They also packed up and went to live with them for two weeks. This arrangement was extremely convenient for the oldest kid who was seventeen because his summer job was in Tulsa. So their parents left and the kids were left to do their own thing. The oldest kid who was scheduled to work the next day left the sixteen year old in charge while he was at work. While at work he decided that he wanted to take everyone to the lake that was near the small town where his family lived. So that Saturday he told everyone to put on their bathing suits, pack a towel or two. He also packed a picnic lunch so that they could eat by the lake. He also decided to stop by his house to pick up some sunscreen, balls and a pair of sunglasses. On the way to his house, he was driving on a dirt road and suddenly a rock flies up and hit the side of his auto glass near me. He decided that the chip that the rock had made could wait and he continues to drive on toward the lake. Once at the lake they swam, ate lunch, played ball in the water and outside the water in order to start to dive home. They left the lake around five and stated to head toward Tulsa. As he started to drive home the sun was hitting the auto glass near me in that perfect place where the chip looked really noticeable. He noticed that the chip had grown bigger while the car sat in the sun all day long. He decided that he would look around on the internet tomorrow and see if he could find a good auto glass company to fix or replace his auto glass near me. Monday morning, he decided to call Best Choice Auto Glass to get a quote on a new auto glass near me. Best Choice Auto Glass answered him quickly and cheerfully as he explained what he needed to have done. They thoughtfully took him through some questions to see what kind of auto glass near me he had. After they figured out what kind of windshield replacement Tulsa had they told him that they offer a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. They also told him that they gave a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced and that they offered a mini detail service that includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets, and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows. After they told him all that they would do, he scheduled them to come out to the Tulsa house and replace it on Wednesday before the parents come back so that he could surprise his parents by having it replaced. When his parents came home he told them all that they did and about the business that replaced the windshield. At Best Choice Auto Glass we try to work as hard as we can in order to provide you with the best experience. Best Choice Auto Glass is soon going to offer window tinting. Whenever you have your windows replaced is in it weird to have all but one window tinted? So after we replace your window we can tint it so that it will not look weird. Have you ever tinted windows before? Well if you have not let Best Choice Auto Glass do it for you! The owner of Best Choice Auto Glass wants the best for you and your car so he will do the job right so that you can be at your best. Mark Burgess, the owner of Best Choice Auto Glass has been replacing glass for over twenty seven years. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? Did you know that replacing your Auto Glass can be not thousands of dollars? Did you know that is is usually only a couple hundred dollars? At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to pride ourselves on how quickly we can get to you. Best Choice Auto Glass can get to you in only a couple of days instead of some auto glass companies in which it will take them weeks.  At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to provide you with the best call service that we can. Our call representative will answer promptly and cheerfully and will take you through all the steps.. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can repair chips in your windshield? We can repair them if they are the size of a quarter or less. They only cost fifty five dollars and twenty dollars for any additional chip. If you have a busy schedule or just have been forgetting to have your windshield replacement Tulsa done you should call Best Choice Auto glass at 918.835.6026, you can also visit us at https://bestchoicetulsa.com. Check out our about us video!