You are driving to your first date. This is the girl you have been dreaming of for years. You have been calling her your girlfriend for a few years and you finally get to date her. This is going really well. You have been planning this first date for a long time. It is going to be perfect. She is perfect. Traffic is light and you will be a little early arriving. You had set up an outdoor movie and you guys were going to watch it in the bed of your truck and eat her favorite chinese food which you are going to set up first with an air mattress, then some sheets and then three or four really soft, fluffy and large blankets since it was a chilly night. You had also gathered about twenty pillows of many sizes. She was going to love it. You guys were going to snuggle there and watch your movie and watch the stars since you were out in the country until late tonight where you were going to drive a really sleepy girl home and put her to bed. It was going to be amazing. You had been dreaming of this for a really long time but you had no idea that a year from now a pandemic will hit and you will not be able to see her for quite awhile. A year of dating the perfect girl past and you were about to ask her to marry you when a pandemic hit. Covid-19 was the virus and it hit the entire world really hard. It started in China and then spread from there. Your life was going perfect until this virus. After the virus hit you were not able to see the girl of your dreams, you would text her a lot and do a lot of video calls, but it was almost near impossible to see her in person. You were an essential worker and when you were heading to work your chip repair Broken Arrow crack. You thought great. What happens if all of the auto glass places are closed? But thankfully you found the one you usually use open when you called them. They were deemed an essential service because they do a lot of semi truck companies that carry groceries to the stores. You were really happy when they said that they were open. You could not think or dream of a better company to replace your chip repair Broken Arrow. So you scheduled with them and we were able to get it fixed the next day. When you called your girlfriend about it she said that she needed her windshield fixed too so you gave her all of the information that she would need to get it fixed from Best choice Auto Glass. You were really happy that she trusted your judgment in auto glass companies. A few months after the virus was over and done, you were able to start going on dates with your precious girlfriend and then you asked her to marry you and she said yes. Throughout you and her married life you guys used Best Choice Auto Glass for all of you windshield, backglass, windows, chip repairs, tinting and windshield camera calibrations. They are a really reliable company that you think everyone would benefit from using them. When they replace your windshield they do a mini detail service, a free chip repair in the first year of getting it replaced. They would also give a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield that was put in. you guarantee it not to leak from ice, snow and rain. The mini detail service includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping down the exterior of the rest of the windows. Did you know that when you receive the chip repair after you get your chip repair Broken Arrow it will be completely free? Best Choice Auto will cover the costs completely. You will not have to pay a cent and the even better news is that it is not covered in the price for the chip repair Broken Arrow. They will be there for you no matter what happens in the world. Have you ever wondered what would happen if you are not able to get your chip repair Broken Arrow fixed for months and months? Have you ever thought about what would happen if the economy was on lockdown because of a virus? Have you been laid off from work? Has it been awhile? Is all that you want to do is put your kids back at school and get back to work? Do you miss going out to do things? At Best Choice Auto Glass we are here for you even during a pandemic. We are an essential service and will remain open to help you stay running. We will come to wherever you are. We have taken extra measures to keep clean and sanitary in this time of caution. You offer all of your services still and you wanted to help everyone in need. You also helped your employees try to get through this time too. You tried to give them a lot of hours. And you would do everything you could to keep them busy with hours. With a chip repair Broken Arrow you would get a free no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield and you would give a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced. It is completely free of charge. You also get a free mini detail service at the time of service. That includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping down the exterior of the rest of the windows. We also are able to calibrate your windshield camera. You should get that recalibrated when you replace your windshield. If you have any questions or concerns please call us at 918.835.6026 or email us at Check out our website or our about us video!