You are walking down the street like usual, although this trip is not like usual. You are on your way to pick up your car from the mechanic shop. You had dropped it off there to get an oil change and just a general check up on it, for it had been quite a while since anything had been done. You were about a fifteen minute walk from the shop so you thought that instead of asking someone to drop you off there, that you would just get some good exercise and walk. You thought that you did not really need the exercise, since you work on your feet all day long, but in the long run, a fifteen minute walk might do you a little bit of good. You had just completed your walk to the shop and realized that you had forgotten your wallet at your apartment. So you walked all the way back and then all the way to the shop, by the time you were done with all of the back and forth walking, you needed a quick nap, but unfortunately you did not have time for that since you were taking college classes and you needed to be at one in an hour and you needed to go home, change, eat a light supper and then gather all of your things for your class which was about twenty minutes from your house driving. So you quickly hurried to get ready and you thankfully made it on time for your class. Your class went smoothly and you got your grade for your class since this was the last class. You had made an A on your class and you called your boyfriend and told him and he was really happy and then offered to meet you at an ice cream place to get ice cream and he would bring French fries in celebration. You loved your boyfriend and you were really happy when you were with him. He had told you that once you guys both become financially stable he would propose. That fact made you really happy. You had been with him for a few years and the only thing that is in the way of you guys being married is being financially stable to support you both. You had said that you will work as much as you can to get you guys to that point and you were really looking forward to it. You had an amazing motivator for it and you were going to do everything in your power to make it happen soon. A few weeks later you were on a date with your boyfriend and he had picked you up from your apartment, telling you that he had some really exciting news that will make you really happy. He had set up a picnic for you two to enjoy and then a fun day in the park since it was a beautiful day outside. He had told you to look nice, so you put on a short sleeve mock turtleneck with a really cute twirly thick spaghetti strapped sundress that was really fitted at the top, but flowy at the bottom of the dress. Once you guys got to a new spot in the park that he had discovered, but you had never seen before he told you the amazing news. He told you that he had found and been hired for a really good paying job and that would allow him to be able to support both of you comfortably. You guys would still need you working full time, but he would be able to do most of the work. After he told you that he put a beautiful ring on your finger asking you if you would marry him. Obviously you said yes. You had been waiting a long time for him to ask you this and  there was absolutely no hesitation in your answer. You loved him fully and you definitely wanted to spend the rest of your life with him, and to have his children. And to grow old with him. You guys continued to work really hard and within a year you guys were going to get married. You were really excited for this, and you had already picked out your dress and had just about all the details settled. By the time the wedding came along, everything was set up perfectly and you had wanted a small elegant wedding and that is what it was. After the wedding he moved into the apartment that you had, since it was a nice size apartment, but perfect for a couple. On your way home from your honeymoon you guys had gone to Seattle and flown, it was a two hour drive to the airport and a rock flew up and hit your windshield replacement Broken Arrow. The force of the rock hitting the windshield replacement Broken Arrow made the windshield replacement Broken Arrow crack all across the windshield. Thankfully you had been careful enough to save some money aside to get it fixed since you never knew when it was going to happen. When it did happen you knew exactly who to call. You called Best Choice Auto Glass. They replaced your windshield replacement Broken Arrow and it looked amazing afterward. When they replaced your windshield they gave you a few free things to go along with it. The first thing is a no leak guarantee. That means that we guarantee the windshield replacement Broken Arrow not to leak as long as it does not have any cracks, chips or any deficiencies. They also gave you a free chip repair when you got your windshield replacement Broken Arrow. They also gave you a free mini detail that includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpets, and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows. If you have any questions or concerns about your windshield, or the job that we do, contact us at 918.835.6026 today or visit our website!

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