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Windshield Replacement Tulsa

Have You ever had to have your windshield replaced? IF you have, then you know how much trouble it can be: first you have to look up Windshield Replacement Tulsa, then call like 10 companies, and finally you have to look at the prices, and then you have to decide which company to go with. You also have to be smart about it, because sometimes the cheapest price isn’t always the best. All in all, after you are FINALLY finished with this uber-long process, you go to your car and look to see how the new windshield look in your car. It looks fine, then about a week later it rains A LOT. You step into your car, only to see that there is TONS of water on the dash and the area around the windshield! So, you call the company that replaced your windshield. As soon as they hear you are having an issue with the replacement, they politely tell you that they will have to call you back after they talk to their manager about what the manager wants the to do. You say okay, and hang up. You call three more times that day, but they never answer your call. Now, you are stuck with a leaky windshield and no way to reach them or get your money back. Now, you have to go through the process all over again, and you are just plain out the $99 or whatever the company charged you for them to do a very lousy job. Of course, if you have never had your windshield replaced, then you are now probably very afraid and nervous about ever having to replace it, right? Well, never fear! I am here to tell you the way to truly find out which company will be the best fit for you, before you even pick up the phone! And let me tell you, I am speaking from experience. I have been there. I chose to go the cheap route and I paid dearly for it too. But then I called a company called Best Choice Auto Glass out of Broken Arrow. Their customer service representative was so kind and nice! She gave me a quick quote over the phone and it was actually cheaper than Safelite or Glass By Tony or Robinson Glass. And there was a bonus! My windshield replacement tulsa came with a free chip repair that had a $55 dollar value and I would also get a free mini detail service after the installation was done. The technicians would vacuum the front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle AND wipe the front door jambs. I called a dozen places and no one ever gave me those bonuses. And I was able to schedule an appointment the very next day! So quick! The other places I called told me it would be three or four days before they could get to my windshield replacement tulsa. I needed to get my windshield replacement tulsa fixed as soon as possible. I had already gotten pulled over by a police officer because the crack in my windshield was large and right in my eye line, which they said it was obstructing my view and therefore not safe to be driving around. I had no idea you could get pulled over for something like that. But trust me, you can! And it was not a cheap ticket either. So please call Best Choice Auto Glass today so you can avoid that. Your windshield replacement tulsa will be in the best hands with them. And they will definitely make you a priority. And you know how sometimes you can schedule a company to come over and fix something and they never show up? Or maybe they are like an hour late? Well you will never have to worry about that with Best Choice Auto Glass. They always keep in good contact with you if they will be late or need to move your appointment. They even call you to let you know they are on their way. Once Best Choice Auto Glass technicians arrive they will place floor mats on your front carpets. So even though they are going to vacuum the front carpets, they still are nice enough to not get them any dirtier. The whole process of your windshield replacement tulsa takes about an hour and then your vehicle will need to sit for thirty minutes before you can drive it. To allow the urethane to cure. Some companies will tell you, you can’t drive your car for 6-8 hours. That is a VERY slow curing urethane, but the urethane Best Choice Auto Glass uses is a good, quality brand that only takes thirty minutes. Mark Burgess, founder and President, of Best Choice Auto Glass has been doing glass work for twenty-eight years. He knows what he is doing. And what tools and what products to use to give his customer’s the best and most quality work he can for their money. He knows what it is like to be on a budget and have limited funds. He knows what it is like to have the inconvenience of having to replace his windshield. That is what makes Mark awesome to work with. He can relate to your situation. He has spent many years researching and perfecting his work and he takes a lot of time to train his technicians so that they will perform to his standards of work he wants. He trains them for a good while before sending them out on their own. So you know that you will be in good hands with whoever comes to your door. And don’t forget Best Choice Auto Glass has mobile service so they will come to the comfort of your home or work for all your auto glass needs! So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone today and call 918.835.6026 to schedule your appointment for your replacement!