You were driving down a country road on the way home from feeding your cows, thinking about how much you like doing this. You love working on your ranch. Even though it gets really hard, you love being able to provide people with beef, and providing your family with food, and a good house to live in. your beautiful wife homeschools your three kids, and your wife is pregnant with your fourth. The age of the three kids are six, four and 2 and a half. You were glad that you could be there at home for your children most of the time. You work outside most of the time and you loved teaching your kids to ride horses, being able to to help you a little bit with your work and teaching them the family business. They loved helping their father in any way that they can and they helped feed the cows, and pet them when it is not too cold in the winter. Even if it is cold they will bundle up and play outside just to get some exercise. One winter you guys had about a month of really cold, wintery weather, it never got above twenty five. Everything was iced over and slippery, the ice on the windshield was a quarter of an inch thick and you had to spend about an hour trying to melt the ice off. So while you had the defrost on, you were scraping the ice off the windows and backglass, trying to get it cleared off. You would scrape a little bit off the back and then go into the car, turn on the windshield wipers and warm up a little bit, and then repeat until the windshield was clear. You had to do this a couple of times because you would need to go into town for something. You would need to leave about thirty minutes before you would normally leave just because of the ice covering the road, especially out in the country, you would not let your wife drive or go to town, just because it was super dangerous. As much as you love the cold, this kind of weather is not your favorite. You do not enjoy working out in icy conditions and slipping as soon as you walk onto your porch. It is funny to watch your inside outside cat slipping on the ice and porch. When you needed to leave that morning you were not expecting that you would need a new windshield by the end of the day. But you found that to be true and because of that, you called Best Choice Auto Glass to get it fixed, they thankfully could come to you even though the weather is bad and very icy. When you called in, they answered all of your questions well, and they gave you a good decent quote to replace your auto glass mobile Tulsa, which you were happy about, it took them a couple of days to get you into their schedule, but it was sooner than you had expected. You expected at least a week. They offered you a few things to go along with your auto glass mobile Tulsa. The first thing is a no leak guarantee, that means that they guarantee that the windshield will not leak during rain, ice or snow as long as it does not have any chips, cracks or deformities. They also told you that you will get a free chip repair in the first year of getting that replaced. You were really thankful for that because you do live in the country and you are really familiar with gravel roads. And gravel and windshields equal chips in windshields and that equals money spent. They also offered you a free mini detail service. That included wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpets and wiping down the exterior of the windows, which was not necessary because they are covered in ice. At Best Choice Auto Glass we strive to be the best company out there to anyone who needs a new piece of auto glass. We offer auto glass mobile Tulsa, and we will replace your windows for your car and your back glass. With the auto glass mobile Tulsa we will give you a few free things, the first thing is a no leak guarantee, we guarantee that the windshield we put in will not leak. We will also give you a free chip repair in the first year of getting that auto glass mobile Tulsa fixed. That means that if a rock comes up and hits your windshield, we will fix it for free if you had gotten your windshield replaced by us in the past year. We also will give a free mini detail service that includes wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpets and cleaning out the exterior of the windows. We do this because you may not have time in your busy schedule to do it.  We want to be as helpful as we can to you. If you have a windshield camera, we can calibrate that for you. It is one of our services that we offer for you. If you need a new windshield, and you have a windshield camera, then you will need to have it recalibrated after the windshield is replaced. It is very dangerous to be driving your vehicle with a camera like that if you just got your camera fixed. It will not only not work, but it might mess up other systems in your vehicle. We can calibrate it for you though, right after we replace your auto glass mobile Tulsa. You will not need to go anywhere for it or schedule another time to get it done, we will get it done at the same appointment for your convenience. We will be here for you no matter the weather and we will replace your windshield, windows, and back glass for you. You just need to call 918.835.6026 to get a quote or go to our website.

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