One day you were driving along the road on your way to your sister who had a baby a few months ago. You had promised her that you would go up there to see her and help her out around her house. She had been really busy with the baby and did not have time to do a deep cleaning of her house. Her house was starting to need it really badly. She tried to convince you that you should come up sooner so that you could stay later but the night before you wanted to hang out with your boyfriend who you do not get to see often anymore. This was the first time you went out on a date with him in about two months. You needed it really badly. Both of you guyses schedules had been really busy and you just could not find time to hang out with each other. You had planned to go up to your sisters for awhile and had asked a few days off a few weeks ago. You were a couple of hours away and so you drove peacefully up there. Once you got to your sister’s house you rested for a while and then started to work. You started with the laundry. You folded and washed a ton of clothes and you made your sister go through and pick out things that she did not wear anymore and did not like.  You got rid of and donated a lot of clothes. Now that that was out of the way you decided that organizing her closet to put the clothes in. after that you put away baby stuff, and organized and put things in baskets and on shelves. You then dusted, cleaned the bathroom and organized the bathroom, clean and organized the bedroom, and deep cleaned the kitchen and organized the kitchen. Once you were done the house looked amazing. Everything was sparkling and shiny. You thought that since you are now done with all of the cleaning you could spend time with your nephew and sister. You spent the next two day hanging out with them. You really enjoyed the time you spent with them. But you were really missing your boyfriend and he was missing you so you decided to leave a little earlier than you planned so you could spend time with him. On your way home you had to be behind a truck with gravel in the back. For a while you were really cautions about being behind that truck but you soon realized that nothing had happened and the chances were slim that a rock was going to fly out and hit you Bixby fast auto glass. But a few minutes after you decided that a rock flies out of the truck and hits your windshield leaving a big chip. So you decided that you were going to call Best Choice Auto Glass when you got home to see if they could fix it. but it was just your luck. The chip spread into a large crack that was all the way across your Bixby fast auto glass. You then decided that you were going to call them right now while you were driving. You had decided a while ago that you were only going to use Best Choice Auto glass for all of the auto glass works that you need done. So you called them and set up an appointment for the next day while you would be on your date with your boyfriend. While having a really sweet date with your boyfriend, Best Choice Auto Glass replaced your windshield for a really good deal. You also were thinking about how much you love and care for your boyfriend while on that date. You decided that you wanted to be with him for the rest of your life. He is sweet, carling, loving, cuddly and handsome. He is the perfect guy for you and you love him so much. He means everything to you. A few months later he asked you to marry him and you said yes. That was one of the happiest days of your life. Have you heard of the company Best Choice Auto Glass? Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is the best company in Tulsa? Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does Bixby fast auto glass, chip repairs, calibrates windshield cameras and commercial vehicle glass? Did you know that Best Choice Auto glass offers a few things to go with the Bixby fast auto glass? We offer a free chip repair for that windshield, a free mini detail service, and a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the Bixby fast auto glass. We offer you a free chip repair so that whenever you are driving along the road and a rock hits your windshield you can get that fixed for absolutely free! It will cost you nothing. Not a single thing. We do that so that you can have the ease and convenience of not having to immediately fix your windshield after having a Bixby fast auto glass. Do you know what the best choice mini detail service is? It is happens after one of our windshield technicians replaced your windshield. He then cleans the front door jams, vacuum out the front carpets and then wipes the exterior of the windows. We do this so that you do not have to clean out your car quite as often. We also offer windshield camera calibration services. We will calibrate your windshield because it is not safe to drive your vehicle after replacing the windshield if you have a camera. It will mess up other systems in your car and could cause a wreck. Other companies thing that if you carefully unplug it and plug it back in it won’t do anything but they are wrong. They have not done their research.  Do not let anyone tell you differently. If you have any questions or concerns with Best Choice Auto Glass give us a call. 918.835.6026. Check out our website and our about us video!