Have you ever wondered what it would take to replace auto glass? Have you ever wanted to do it for a living? Well that is what the people at Best Choice Auto Glass do. You were walking home from the store. You needed to pick up some groceries from Walmart and your van was in the shop getting an oil change. Your husband was with the kids at the park less than a block away. You guys had decided that they would get to play while you went shopping. They were on their way to meet up to help carry some groceries and then go home to cook and eat dinner. They are only a couple of blocks away from their house. They are really glad that everything is so local and that they can walk towards most necessities. After your family finished eating, you had your kids help clean up the kitchen while your husband was preparing nightly family devotions. After the kitchen was all clean and the leftover food was put away you told your kids to put on their pajamas and brush their teeth and get their bibles. They came downstairs and sat in the usual bible time places. After bible time you sent all of the kids to bed. They next morning after morning bible time and breakfast and chores you and your husband dropped off the kids and your parents house and went to run errands and pick up your van. For lunch your husband surprised you and you guys ate Chinese food. Then you guys finished shopping, picked up your kids and were on the highway home. Once you guys were home you did the normal day to day things. A week later, you were driving on the highway and a dump truck drove in front of you and a few pieces of rocks flew out of the back and hit your auto glass near me cracking it. Once you got home you went to your husband and told him about it since he works from home. He told you that once he gets done working for the day he will do some research and find a company that will replace it for a good price and that you can call that company the next day to get a time scheduled that would work. The next day your husband gave you a phone number for Best Choice Auto Glass. You called them and they told you that they could get in with you for the day after the next and that they will provide a few things to go along with the windshield replacement for free. The first thing is a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. The second thing was free chip repair in the first year of getting the windshield replacement and the third thing was a free mini detail service at the time of the auto glass near me. The mini detail service includes, wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpets and cleaning the exterior of the outside windows. All of that comes for free when you replace your windshield. So you scheduled your replacement for two in the afternoon. Seven months later it was really cold outside and you were not able to park your car inside of the garage the previous night and when you went to start it. You notice that there was a chip in the windshield. When you told your husband he reminded you that you had a free chip repair in the first year that you could use since it had not been a year yet. So you called Best Choice Auto Glass to get that fixed for free. They were able to get you in the next day and you were really happy about it. Since you were about to go on a trip with your family and parents and sister and her family and your best friend and her family.  At Best Choice Auto Glass we will give you a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced. IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!!! You will have to pay nothing! Not a single penny! Did you know that best Choice Auto Glass will calibrate your windshield camera calibrations? We are certified to calibrate lane deviation cameras by the Auto glass safety council. Did you know that you should not drive your car just after you replace your windshield that has lane deviation warning on it. It is really dangerous and might mess up other systems in your car.  Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is able to repair chip in your windshield? We start at 65 dollars and will give you a discount to you have multiple chips in the windshield. Best Choice Auto Glass Is always the auto glass company that I use when I need a new auto glass near me or window or back glass. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass has been serving the Tulsa area for over 27 years now. We have been local serving you for almost three decades. And we plan to serve you for much longer than that. We will always be here for you whenever you need a windshield, back glass or even a chip repair. We will always do the job the right way the first time no matter what. You will never be disappointed with Best Choice Auto Glass. We will do the job right and make you happy, especially when the other auto glass companies fail. Whatever you do, call Best Choice Auto Glass when you need an Auto Glass company to serve you.  So whenever you need an Auto Glass business to get the job done call the only one who will treat you better than family! Call Best Choice Auto Glass now at 918.835.6026 or visit us at https://bestchoicetulsa.com  or email us at info@bestchoicetulsa.com.  Call us today!

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