Have you ever wondered what it would take to replace Auto Glass all day long for your job? Well the Auto glass technicians at Best Choice Auto Glass do it everyday whether it is raining or snowing or sunshine. Best Choice Auto Glass offers Broken Arrow chip repair, chip repairs, replacing of windows and back glass, tinting and camera calibrations. When you get your windshield replaced we will give you a few free things to go along. The first thing is a free chip repair in the first year of getting your Broken Arrow chip repair. It is completely free. We will cover the cost. The second thing is a no leak guarantee. That means we guarantee our work not to leak like other auto glass businesses. We will also do a mini detail service. That will include us wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping the exterior of the rest of the windows. It is all for free. We chose those three things because all of them get really dirty and you do not have time to clean them either because of your busy schedule. We did the front carpets because those seats get a lot of traffic all of the in and outs. On the rainy days they get wet and muddy and all of the little rocks and grass bits. We chose the windows because of all of the finger prints that get them. And the front door jams just get really dirty. Best Choice Auto Glass also offers chip repairs. When you get a chip in your windshield that is small enough to repair so you do not have to replace the whole windshield. It is also a whole lot cheaper in price. Which is a big plus. Whenever you can save money it is a good idea. You never know when you might need a new windshield or something done to help your car run smoothly. You might need a new transmission so you better save up those dollars. If you are a person who has a modern car with something like lane deviation warning you might want to know a few facts. The first fact is that you are able to get your windshield replaced. The second fact is that you will need to get your camera for the lane deviation calibrated. The third fact is that most auto glass companies think that they can get away with not calibrating that camera. Instead they think that they can gently unplug the camera and plug it back in. but that does make a difference and that difference is enough to cause a wreck in which no one wants. So why not just spend the money to have it calibrated? You spent the money for the feature so you could use it and if you don’t calibrate it, it is useless to you. Why do you have it when you are not going to use it? It can be really dangerous to not calibrate your camera after replacing the windshield. It can also mess up other systems in the car. Which is not good. So make sure to calibrate that camera! 

 It is a rainy day and you were getting your windshield replaced because it had a long crack. You really hoped that you had picked the right company. This was your first time replacing your Broken Arrow chip repair and you were really nervous about picking the wrong company who would do a really bad job. You had called a lot of auto glass companies that week and you wished that it was really simple. You chose to go with Best Choice Auto Glass. They had a really good price for all that they offered.  They offered a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield, a free chip repair in the first year of having the windshield replaced. That means that if you get your Broken Arrow chip repair and you get a chip in that windshield. We will repair that chip for free. It even is no additional cost to the price of the windshield replacement. They even gave me a free mini detail service for no extra cost. It included wiping down the front door jams and the exterior of the windows and vacuuming the front carpets. That was really helpful since it is really rainy and muddy. Your carpets had gotten a lot of dirt and mud on them since you use your car a lot. And the front door jams had gotten mud splatters on them and the windows had water and fingerprints of them. You were super happy that it came along for free. You decided that best Choice Auto Glass was the way to go. A few days later you were still really happy with the job that Best choice Auto Glass did. It was not leaking or anything with the rainy weather that you had been having. Everyone at Best Choice Auto Glass was really nice and kind. They all wanted to make sure that your experience was quick, simple, and easy. They made it where you could get your Broken Arrow chip repair done fast and for a really good price. On top of that they are completely mobile. That means that we will come to wherever you are located. If you are at  home or at work we will be there to help you with your auto glass needs. We will be there to replace your windshield on your personal car or your work vehicle even if it is a semi truck. We will replace it for you so you will not have to worry beforehand or after. We will give businesses a discount on their work vehicles because we love helping other people. It is what we love to do and we do it well. Do you have any questions? Call us at 918.835.6026. Or email us at info@bestchoicetulsa.com or visit our website at https://bestchoicetulsa.com you will not regret it. Check out our about us video! Broken Arrow chip repair