Best Choice Auto Glass is the company that is the absolute best in the Tulsa area. They will replace your windshield, calibrate your cameras and fix your chip repairs all with the best service possible. Do you need your auto glass services Tulsa?  Is it going to rain later this week? Are you worried that your car is going to get soaked inside? Well Best Choice Auto Glass can help you with that! We can replace your windshield before it gets rainy. We are mobile and are able to get to you within a couple days. Whenever you get the auto glass services Tulsa you get a few free things along with it. The first thing is a free no leak guarantee. You know how with some products or services you have to buy a guarantee? Well with Best Choice Auto Glass it is completely free. We guarantee that the windshield that we put it will not leak as long as it does not have any chips, cracks or anything wrong with it. The second thing that we will give you for free is a free chip repair! When you get your auto glass services Tulsa by Best Choice Auto Glass, within the first year of getting it replaced they will  offer you a free chip repair. So whenever you are driving down the dirt or gravel road and a rock flies up and hit the windshield at a really fast speed, and a piece of your windshield is now missing we will be able to fix that for free for you. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass goes out of their way for their customers? Whenever you get your auto glass services Tulsa by them at the time of service they will give you a free mini detail service. They will wipe down your front door jams, vacuum out the front carpets and wipe down the outside of all of the exterior windows. They will do all of that for free for you. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? That means that we will come to you wherever you are. We work out of the Tulsa area. We love helping out commercial accounts and semi trucks. They are usually in a rush and we pride ourselves in being able to get to you fast and do the work quickly and well. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can calibrate your camera for your car? We will not replace your auto glass services Tulsa if you have a camera for your car unless you want us to also calibrate your windshield camera. If you do not calibrate your camera after you get your windshield replaced it can be very dangerous. It is able to mess up other systems in your car and is able to cause a wreck and you do not want that ever. So whatever you do, have Best Choice Auto Glass help you with your auto glass services Tulsa. You are driving down the road like you do every day. You are on your way home from work. You have a regular routine and you like it. About once a week you and your boyfriend go out on a date and you love him so much. You want to be with him for the rest of your life. But that is beside the point. You are on your way home and you decide that you are going to invite your boyfriend over for a movie/ Chinese food night. You do not really care about the movie, you really just want food and snuggle time. And you think that your boyfriend would like that too. On your way home you call your boyfriend and he also just got off work and he said that he was going to go home and take a shower and pick up some ingredients so that you guys could cook dinner together. Once you got home you also took a shower, put on a really cute cozy sweatpants and a tank top. You had put on your shell choker necklace and put a little bit of mascara on just to put the look together. He came and he had on sweatpants that looked very nice with yours and a hoodie. He also bought you a hoodie in which you put on immediately. It smelled like him and that made you really happy. You guys had a really nice evening and you ended up falling asleep while snuggling. He had then put you to bed and cleaned up and went home. The next day you got up, got ready for your work and called him thanking him for helping you out that night. You also told him that you were ready to buy your new car.  You are super happy that you almost have enough to buy a decent car. That way you can drive when you want to visit your friends. A few months later your boyfriend took you to go buy and sign the papers for your brand new car. You drove it to your apartment and your boyfriend brought over Chinese food and ice cream in celebration. You guys snuggled and watched a movie too. About a year later you were driving in your car on your way to pick up some house plants from your parents when a rock came up and hit your windshield and cracked it. Thankfully you have really good car insurance with no deductible and when you called your parents business called Best Choice Auto Glass you were able to get a good quote in order to get that windshield replaced. You know what kind of job that they would do and it is the best in the Tulsa area. Best Choice Auto Glass was able to schedule you within the next couple of days and by the end of the week they were done with you and you continued your busy life. Call us today at 918.835.6026 or visit our website and check out our about us video!