You were on your way to work. You had gotten up at six, taken a shower, eaten breakfast and gotten ready for your day of work. You work at a fashion shop at the mall. You love being at the mall even if it is really crazy and busy. You love the busyness and that assures you that there will always be business for your store. You sell shoes, shirts, skirts, dresses, pants all in dress clothes or casual. You sell both men and women clothing so you have a ton of business for guys looking to find the right suit. You love all of the bright clothing that you sell. One of your favorites is the suits that you have in many different colors. Some of the colors and styles that you sell reminds you of something that Charles Dickens would have worn. you try to be like him in a couple of aspects. You love to wear nice bright clothes that make a statement and you love to work hard. Working is what you do best. You work seven days a week on the normal week. You love all of the young people trying to look nice. And you love helping those people feel their best in clothes that look good on them. So this is what you do for a living. You get up, get ready and go to work. Once you are done at work you go out to eat and then you head home to watch an episode of a television series. Then you go to bed. You sleep and then repeat the cycle. Lately the cycle has changed a little bit since you just started dating the guy you really like. But that is off topic. It was a normal day and you had just gotten in your car to go home when you realized that the chip in your windshield had turned into a Broken Arrow fast auto glass. You had decided to procrastinate to put it off to getting it fixed but now you have to get it replaced. So you decided that you will call Best Choice Auto Glass on your break tomorrow. So the next day comes around and you call them to see how much it will cost you and you liked what all they offered you since you are really busy all of the time and plus they would come to you to replace it. So you scheduled it for a couple days out and you go back to work not worrying about it. That day comes and they replaced the Broken Arrow fast auto glass and it was not trouble. Afterward you looked at it and you were really happy about they job that they did. You decided that you were going to call them again for all of your auto glass needs. You also told you friends and family about your experience and they tried out Best Choice Auto Glass and they all decided to use Best Choice Auto Glass for all of their Auto Glass needs. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in the nineteenth century in London? Would you miss the luxury of cars? Would you miss having the ease of being able to just hop into the car and go wherever you want? Would you miss the ability of not walking wherever you go or doing things you want to do whenever? Would you be happy that you would not have to replace your windshield since you would not have a windshield to replace? Aren’t you glad that you have all of that ease and comfort at your fingertips? At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to aid you in that ease by providing affordable Broken Arrow fast auto glass, chip repairs, camera calibrations, and so on. We even provide most of our services mobile. That means that if you need a chip repair or you need your windshield replaced we will come to you to get it done. We offer a few things to go along with the Broken Arrow fast auto glass. The first thing is a free chip repair in the first year of having the windshield replaced. That means that if you are driving down the road and rock flies up and hits your windshield you can get that chip repaired for free. It will all be on us. You will not have to pay a single cent. The second thing that we offer is a free mini detail service. We provide this so that when the craziness of life hits you do not have to stop in order to clean your car. We will clean the front door jams, vacuum the front carpets and clean the exterior of the rest of the windows. That is all for free you will not have to pay anything for it. It comes along for free with the Broken Arrow fast auto glass. Did you know that best Choice Auto Glass will also give you a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield? We do this because 1. we are confident with our work. 2.we know that we are doing a good job and because we are doing a good job we are proud of it. 3. We know that other companies take shortcuts and are really expensive. We do pride ourselves that we are the BEST auto glass company that is in the Tulsa area. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does windshield calibrations? Well we do. We offer this because it is really unsafe to be driving your car after having the Broken Arrow fast auto glass when you have a camera to calibrate. So we want to help you be the safest on the road that we can be. Did you know that other Auto Glass business think that it is ok to just gently unplug and plug the camera in that it will be ok and it will not mess up the camera? They are wrong if you don’t believe call Best Choice Auto Glass. Check out our website and our about us video!Broken Arrow fast auto glass