You are a farmer. You live in a country where all you have for company are you wife, child, farm animals, and machinery. You are a poor farmer who under feeds your animals in order to feed your wife and child. You have smart animals who are hard workers, despite their lack of food. Whenever there is extra food on the table it always goes to the hardest working animals. It had always been this way. You had been raised poor on the farm too. This is all that you know. You had two dogs. One of them thinks that he owns the place and the other one just sleeps most of the time on a gunny sack. Life on the farm is peaceful but really busy. You are trying to build a windmill so that life will be easier for you because you are getting older and you son is starting to take over the farm. Your son in a few years will completely take over the farm and you would live in a house somewhere on the property. Your son has been expanding the farm and getting more farm land so that more crops can be grown so that your animals can be fed better and you can sell more crops. Your son had already made a lot of improvements to the farm and you were slowly getting out of poverty. In the next couple of months you were wanting to build you and your wife a house on the edge of the farm so that you could be close to your son and his wife. One day while you and your son went into the town to get some materials and supplies, you decided that you wanted to go to your favorite restaurant that is a few miles down a dirt road. On the way to the restaurant a rock flies up and hits your brand new windshield. Once that you say that it created a chip in the windshield you remembered that you went through Best Choice Auto Glass and they gave you a free mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow in the first year of having your windshield replacement. So the next day you had your son call Best Choice Auto Glass to ask them when you could get your chip fixed. They told you that they could get to you the next day. So you schedule that and you are very thankful that you get it for free. If you had not you would have just left it alone and that is what happened to your last windshield that got a long crack across it. You had waited too long to get the chip fixed. But his time you would get it fixed for free! The next day when best Choice Auto Glass came out to fix the chip they did it very promptly and quickly. You could barely tell that there had been a chip. You were really impressed with the job that they did and you told your whole family that you will always use Best Choice Auto Glass for all of your windshield, windows, and flat glass needs. A few years later you were plowing in a field when your windshield for your tractor broke. You knew immediately who to call. Best Choice Auto Glass. They custom cut your windshield to make sure that it would fit perfectly into the tractor. They fixed it really quickly and you were really happy with the job that they had done. Have you ever wondered what it would take to be an auto glass technician? Have you ever wondered how much strength it would take to lift up windshields almost every single day of the year? Mark Burgess owner of Best Choice Auto Glass has been an auto glass technician for over twenty eight years of his life. He has always been located in the Tulsa area and his goal is to serve you in whatever services that he offers. Best Choice Auto Glass offers window replacement, window tinting, windshield replacement, mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow, windshield calibration, and a few things to go along the windshield replacement. With the windshield replacement you get a free mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow, a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the glass, and a free mini detail service. With the free mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow you get the privilege of having a chip in your windshield fixed for free in the first year of having the windshield replaced. The mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow is a great value for what you are getting sixty five dollars for the best mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow you will ever get from the best company there is. The mini detail service includes Best Choice Auto Glass wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and wiping the exterior of the rest of the windows. This all comes free when you get the windshield replacement. If you go with Best Choice Auto Glass remember that we are a local business. At Best Choice Auto Glass our goal is to provide you with the best service we could possibly give you. Our goal is to provide the whole Tulsa area and Muskogee the best Auto Glass business around. We offer you windshield calibrations for those who have lane deviation warning on the newer vehicles. Whenever you get your windshield replaced that has lane deviation warning you must get your camera calibrated. It will mess up other systems in your car. Why pay extra for something that you are not going to use? Other auto glass business think that they can get away by carefully unplugging and plugging the camera back in but it still messes the camera up. Did you know that Best choice auto glass is the best auto glass company in the Tulsa area? Did you know that we will always be the best in the Tulsa area? If you need any services done call Best Choice Auto Glass at 918-835-6026 or email us at Or visit our website at Check out our about us video!mobile windshield repair Broken Arrow