You are a runner. You love to run. You just like physical exercise. Your job requires a lot of physical strength. You are an Auto Glass Technician looking for a better paying job and a better environment. One day you were finished running at your local track park and you hopped into the car and started to drink some water. While drinking water, you realized that you had a chip repair Muskogee in your windshield. You wondered how long the chip repair Muskogee had been there. Your first thought was that you should call your boss to see if you can get a discount to get it fixed then you thought about it some more and realized that you are not working for the best auto glass business and that it would be really expensive to get it done by your boss.And then you had a thought that if you could get a job at a different Auto glass business you might be able to get it done for cheaper and you might make more than ten dollars and hour. Your work is hard and you do it for cheaper than you would like. If you get a new job that would be the fifth Auto glass company in the Muskogee area that you have left. You are having a really hard time working for someone you like. So you go online and you look to see if any other auto glass business are hiring soon or at the moment. After some looking you found that Best Choice Auto Glass was hiring. So you called them and they told you that they will interview you at their shop Thursday morning. So it is now Thursday and you go and they interview you and they really like you since you are able to do all of the auto glass stuff. They ended up hiring you right on the spot. The next morning when you went to work at the crappy auto glass place you told your boss that you were going to leave in two weeks to work at a different auto glass business. During those two weeks you filled out your paperwork that needed to be done before you could start working for Best Choice Auto Glass. A few months after starting to work at Best Choice Auto Glass you asked your boss if you get a discount for chip repair Muskogee. Your boss said that you would get a discount and asked you when you would like to get it done. You told him in the next week would be fine since it was getting colder. You were so happy when you got that done you had been needing to get that done for months now. Do you know who Best Choice Auto Glass is? They as their name says are an auto glass business in the Muskogee area striving to serve you and your friends and family. Best Choice Auto Glass has been doing Auto Glass for over twenty seven years now and we have always been local. We shop locally, we live locally and we go to church locally. We strive to serve you with our many services that include, windshield replacement, chip repair Muskogee, windshield calibrations, tinting and a few other things that go along with your windshield replacement. When we replace your windshield we do a few things that other auto glass business do not do. First we follow all of the safety tulsa, second we clean the windshield before and after we put it in, thirdly we do not make a mess out of your car. In fact we do a free mini detail service. The mini detail service includes us wiping the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpet, getting all of the broken glass out of there and picking up the floor protectors that we use so we do not get our dirty boots to stain your front carpets. We also wipe down the exterior of the rest of the windows to get all of the dust off for you.  We also offer you a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. Best choice auto glass also gives you a free chip repair Muskogee in the first year of having your windshield replaced. That deal is worth about sixty dollars. We will give you the chip repair muskogee for free! That is of no charge to you! Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is COMPLETELY mobile? Do you know what that means? That means that wherever you are located is where we will come to replace your windshield or to fix your chip repair Muskogee. We will come to you for no extra cost. We also have a shop that if it is more convenient for you, is open so that we can replace your windshield. At our shop we are able to do windshield camera calibrations, window tinting, and chip repair Muskogee. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is able to give a discounted price for replacements or chip repairs. We also will give a discount to employees and commercial accounts. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will tint windows? We will do this on the same day as your windshield replacement or your windshield camera calibrations or you chip repair. We also replace windshields for semi trucks. We will also do any commercial work. Did you know that Best CHoice Auto Glass will custom cut laminated glass for school or regular buses? Well we will. We can do these for tractors also. We will cut and install them for you for a much better price than any other company will give you. Best Choice Auto Glass is the best choice because we will replace your windshield and give you a free chip repair, a free mini detail service and will offer you a no leak guarantee, we will also repair your chips and will do so much, call us at 918.835.6026.