Best Choice Auto Glass is the company for you. They will be there for you when you need your auto glass replaced. Best Choice Auto Glass will do the best job replacing your best windshield replacement Tulsa and fixing your chip repairs. Best Choice Auto Glass would love to be the one to replace your auto glass and they show that in the way that they treat you and what all they offer you when they replace your best windshield replacement Tulsa. In order to get your appointment set up you need to call Best Choice Auto Glass at 918.835.6026 and we will get your appointment set up as soon as we can. When you call us, we will be polite and kind to you and give you a amazingly good quote so that you can not have to deal with any kind of trouble concerning your auto glass. When you get your windshield replaced, Best Choice Auto Glass will offer you a few free things to go along with your best windshield replacement Tulsa. We offer you a few free things so that you can have the most painless and best experience you can have while you need your auto glass replaced. The first thing that we offer you is that we guarantee a lifetime guarantee that as long as your windshield is in good condition and does not have any deformities such as scratches, cracks or chips, it will not leak or have any problems such as that. The second thing that Best Choice Auto Glass offers you is a free chip repair on the windshield that we put in for you when you get your windshield replaced. This offer is standing for you to take for a year. So within the first year of having your windshield replaced we will fix the first chip on your windshield for absolutely nothing. That means that you will not have to pay a thing to get that chip fixed. So if you are driving down the road and a rock flies up and chips some of your windshield and if within the previous year you have gotten your windshield replaced by Best Choice Auto Glass you can call us and get it fixed for free. Best Choice Auto Glass also offers a free mini detail service at the time of service. That includes wiping your door jams and vacuuming out the front carpet, Best Choice Auto Glass will even wipe the exterior of the windows. What is so great about Best Choice Auto Glass? I’m sure by now you are asking that same question. Well, there are a lot of good things about this windshield replacement and repair company based in Tulsa. The first of which is that it is a small windshield replacement company. This offers several advantages. The first of which is same day service. Same day service is important because you do not want to wait even a few days for your windshield to be replaced or repaired. Especially if a storm hits and your windshield is shattered. You can’t drive a car with a shattered windshield, so that has to be fixed immediately. So if you have to wait a couple days or a week, that is not a good thing. You won’t always receive this advantage from larger windshield companies such as Safelite or Robinson Glass. Larger windshield companies have many more men working on their crews and much more business to deal with. Best Choice Auto Glass is smaller, with less men working, so they can get to your glass pretty fast. Another reason Best Choice Auto Glass is a good choice for all your best windshield replacement Tulsa and windshield replacement Muskogee needs is that the men working for Best Choice Auto Glass have morals. This is a good thing when it comes to business. Too many businesses will rip you off and charge you too much while skimping on the quality of work they do for you. This is not the case with Best Choice Auto Glass. They will always give you the quality you deserve at a fair price. The guys at Best Choice Auto Glass treat every customer as if that is their only customer, giving them the best work they possibly can. This is definitely an advantage and something you want to look for when you are searching for a windshield company to meet all your best windshield replacement Tulsa or windshield replacement Muskogee needs. Best Choice Auto Glass was founded on the principles of honesty, trust, and doing your best work all the time like it is the last work you will ever do. Another thing that should factor into your decision for Best Choice Auto Glass for your auto glass needs is that Best Choice Auto Glass is mobile. They do all their work mobile without the use of a stationary shop for the purpose of convenience of their customers. This allows them to work at the location of their client’s choice. That could be at the client’s house or at the client’s work place or even in the parking lot of Walmart. This is an advantage to any windshield business because it allows for happy customers to choose what is most convenient for them. If you make your customers happy, they will most likely come back to you instead of going to someone else for their next windshield. That’s something you always want! So when you need a windshield, choose Best Choice Auto Glass. So if you have any auto glass needs call Best Choice Auto Glass at 918.835.6026. Or visit our website at If you need to contact us by email you can do it at! We would love to be able to serve you! It is a really good deal and once you get it done you will not be able to tell the difference between the rest of your windshield and the chip repair.