There you are. Standing on the side of the road coming back from a concert. Your car broke down for the second time this year. Good thing that the year is almost over. Your car is getting really expensive to fix. It has only been five months since your car last broke down. You are really happy that it is still under warranty because the place that you had it fixed last time gave it a six month warranty. You are on the side of the Broken Arrow Expressway. It is eleven at night and it is friday night. You call your boyfriend and he picks you up. The next morning you go on your boyfriend computer and look up the phone number for the car repair shop. So you call them and they tell you that they will tow it to their shop and start to work on it for free. A few days later when you stopped to see if your car was ready you saw that your car had a busted windshield replacement Tulsa. So you go back to your boyfriend’s house and get on his computer and you go onto Google and searched “windshield replacement Tulsa” and Best Choice Auto glass popped up in the browser. So you decide to call them to see how cheap you could get your windshield replacement tulsa replaced. They answered you promptly and thoughtfully. They gave a quote that was really good compared to all of the other quotes that you had previously gotten. Especially since they offered you a few few things to go along with your windshield replacement. The first thing was a no leak guarantee on the windshield. The second thing was a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced. That means that the chip repair will be at no cost to you. They also offered you a free mini detail service that includes wiping the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpet, and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows. They will do that for free. That means you will not have to pay a cent for those things above. And you know what there is no charge added to what you will be paying for you windshield replacement Tulsa! So you schedule Best choice Auto Glass to come to the shop were you car is located right now. There they will be able to replace the windshield. Your boyfriend who just walked into the room asked what you were doing and you told him that you had just finished schedulalling to get your windshield replaced. He replied that a few weeks ago when he had a crack in his windshield he used Best Choice Auto Glass and that they did a wonderful job replacing the windshield. You told him that is who you scheduled with. When you had your windshield replaced you inspected the job and they did a really good job just like them and your boyfriend said that they would. Months later your boyfriend told you that he just transfer jobs and now is working for Best Choice Auto Glass and that he will get to learn how to tint windows. One night he talked about what all Best Choice Auto Glass offers. He told you that they continue the mini detail service, the free chip repair in the first year of having the windshield replaced. He also said they are mobile but they also have a shop in which they can tint windows and calibrate lane deviation cameras. He continued to say that they also do a ton of commercial work like replacing the windshield of semi trucks. At Best Choice Auto Glass we want to always provide you with the best service that we can possibly provide to you. So that means that we will give you a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replacement Tulsa. That means if you get a chip in your windshield replacement while you are driving. If you call us we will get you an appointment set up so that we will be able to repair the chip in your windshield for free. At Best Choice Auto Glass we will give you a free mini detail service. The free mini detail service includes vacuuming the front carpets, wiping the exterior of the rest of the windows and wiping down the front door jams. We do these things so that whenever you are stressed out and really busy we can help you not worry about these things. Best Choice Auto Glass also offers you windshield lane deviation camera. We are able to calibrate your windshield whenever we replace your windshield replacement Tulsa. Did you know that it is very unsafe to drive without having your windshield camera calibrated for your lane deviation in your car? We will not replace the windshield unless you are going to have your windshield calibrated. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is able to tint your car windows and bus windows. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? We will come to wherever you are to no extra cost to you. That means that if you are at home lounging or doing chores we will come to you and replace your windshield at your house. We will also come to your work. We will come and replace your windshield while you are working. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass has a shop in which you can come to to get your windshield camera calibrated and to get your windows tinted? So if you have any questions or any thing you would like to ask us about what we do feel free to call us at 918.835.6026 you can also get on our website if you have anymore questions or you can also get a quote on our website at or you can email us anything you like at