Driving down the road coming home from work, is your favorite time of the week, especially since it is Friday. You have a three day weekend since you do not have to go to work until tuesday. You sit back in your car seat. You turn on your favorite song. You decide to turn it up. This is a time that you can be relaxed. You do this every single week. No fail. You decide since last week you watched a lot of movies that you will go driving this time. So you pack up a lot of snacks.  Yesterday you made cookies. They tasted amazing! So you make two of these. Then you decide that two will not be enough so put two more in the container. So you drive off to the country where you know there is a lake. While you are driving you notice all of the cows, horses and geese. Wow there are so many geese. I guess it is that time of year. You look at your windshield. “Wow it needs to cleaned really badly. Well there is nothing I can do about that now. It will only get dirtier because of these country roads.”. So you arrive at the lake and you have a picnic. You even decide to set up your tent, so you can stay overnight. Then you decided to read your favorite book which is The Canterbury Tales. Your favorite tale in that book is the knight’s tale. The basic story line is that there are two knights who are captured, they fall in love with the same girl, fight for her, and one of the knights gets sick and dies after marrying her so the other knight marries her and lives happily with her for the rest of his life. In the morning you pack up camp and start to drive home. On the way home a rock hits your windshield. It forms a big long crack across your windshield. “Oh no! Not a crack!  I just got the crack that was in my windshield replacement Bixby fixed. Well I now know who to call at least.” so you get home and look up Best Choice Auto Glass. You call them and you get scheduled for the next day for your windshield replacement Bixby. A few weeks later your friend calls you to see if you know someone who would be able to windshield replacement Bixby. So I decided to call her “I just had my replaced a few weeks ago. The company’s name is Best Choice Auto Glass. They did an amazing job! I was sooo happy with the job that they did. They even offered me a free chip repair in the first year of having my windshield replacement done. Also they gave me a free mini detail which included them wiping both the rest of the exterior windows and the front door jams and vacuuming the front carpets. I would suggest that you call them. They are very nice and will tell you if they are going to be slightly late.”. So she called them and they took care of her.  At Best Choice Auto Glass we love to provide you with the absolute best experience that you can have. At Best Choice Auto Glass because we love to provide you with the absolute best experience that you can have we provide a few things for your convenience. Best Choice Auto Glass first of all offers you a no leak lifetime guarantee for the life of your windshield replacement Bixby. Then Best Choice Auto Glass replaces your windshield they guarantee that it will not leak for the lifetime of the windshield. Best Choice Auto Glass will even give you a few free things to go along with your windshield replacement Bixby. The first thing is a free chip repair in the first year of getting that windshield replaced. That means that if you are driving to your favorite country rodeo, and a gravel rock flies up and hits and chips your windshield you can have that fixed for free! Best Choice Auto Glass also offers a free mini detail service at the time of getting your windshield replaced. The mini detail service includes  them wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming out the front carpets and cleaning the exterior of all the windows. They will make sure that there is no broken glass on the floor or on the dashboard of your car. They will treat your car as if it is their own or better. Best Choice Auto Glass can also calibrate your windshield cameras! They will not replace your windshield if you have a camera unless you also schedule us calibrating it. It is very dangerous to drive around with it not calibrated. It can even mess up other systems that you have in your car and cause you to start a wreck. And that is not good at all.  Best Choice Auto Glass also can replace your semi glass! They are very proud of the speed that they can get to you. Sometimes you have to wait a couple days but usually you can get the same day or next day service! At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to help our customers. If something goes wrong we like to do whatever we can do to help them. We will even lower our prices if someone else’s price is lower. At Best Choice Auto Glass we can repair your chips that are in your windshield if they are less than a quarter in size. We can make them look like they were not even there. We use a special glue to fill it in and we melt it to blend it in with the windshield glass. Then we use ultraviolet light to help set it. If you ever need  a windshield replacement Bixby or repair any auto glass call needs our call representative at 918.835.6026. Call us today or visit our website