It was a Wednesday and a beautiful spring day. You were walking down the street on your afternoon jog when you decided to stop in at your favorite Chinese restaurant. You ate there about twice a week and you even put it in your budget so you could go eat there. You usually eat there on Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays. Today you noticed a new person working. He looked about twenty three. He had beautiful white teeth, tan to white skin and dark brown hair. He was about 5 feet 8 inches tall and looked like he was very actively fit. He worked as a waiter and he came and served you your food that you ordered. When he came to pick up your check he had asked for your phone number and you wrote it on a piece of paper for him. The next day you got a text message from him asking you out on Saturday night to go to a movie and have ice cream afterwards. You said that you would and when Saturday night came you got ready to go and you met him there. After the movie you guys went to get ice cream at Andy’s Ice Cream and then went to a park nearby to eat it and chat. You guys talked about your lives, what you guys do in your spare time. What your favorite foods are, your favorite colors and soon it was about twelve and you guys decided it was getting late and you both went home and went to bed and got up and went to church the next morning. Sunday afternoon you and him started texting again and he asked you out Tuesday afternoon since neither one of you were working at that time. You guys ate lunch and just walked around downtown and chatted some more. After the third date, you were thinking that this was the best guy you have ever met, much less dated. He was charming, funny, he knows how to be serious but he also can be goofy. He knows how to carry on a conversation and he knows when to listen. And to be honest out of all the guys you have dated this was the only one you were truly attracted to. A few months later (6) you went over to his house because he was having a birthday party and he wanted you to meet his parents. They were really nice and they liked you a lot. On the way home from the party he called you about ten minutes after you left and asked you to come back. He wanted to make sure you were okay and had a good time and he had missed you and needed a hug. Once you were on your way home again he and you called while you guys were getting ready for bed. While you guys were in bed talking you both fell asleep talking and in the morning the call was still going. A few weeks later on your birthday he asked you to marry him and you said yes. You guys were planning on a spring wedding outside in the nice weather. On your way to a wedding planning meeting, a rock hits your camera calibration Broken Arrow so badly that it creates an eleven inch crack in the middle of the windshield. Once you were at your destination you talked to your finance about it and he helped you find someone to replace it for a good cost. He suggested Best Choice Auto Glass. He had used them on a few occasions and they were locally owned which was a plus. They always did a good job at whatever they do and they will help you out of many auto glass needs. You called them the next day to set up an appointment and for a price. They told you what it would cost you and they also told you that it would come with a few free things. The first thing is a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. So as long as the camera calibration Broken Arrow does not have a crack we will guarantee that it will not leak. The second thing is that free chip repair within the first year of having the camera calibration Broken Arrow replaced. That means that if you are driving down the road and a rock lightly hits your windshield that chip in the glass will be fixed by one of Best Choice Auto Glasses glass technicians for free. Best Choice Auto Glass will fix it for free and they will not even be making anything on it! The third free thing that they will give you is a mini detail service. That includes them wiping down the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the windows. They do all of that for your convenience only. You had your camera calibration Broken Arrow the next day and you were really happy about the job that they did. Have you ever needed to replace your windshield? What did it cost you? Who did you call to replace it? At Best Choice Auto Glass we will help you through all of your situations concerning auto glass. If you need a camera calibration Broken Arrow, we can help you, if you need us to fix a chip we can help you, if you need a camera calibrated. We can help you. We will give you a free chip repair for your camera calibration Broken Arrow and a no leak guarantee and a free mini detail service at the time of the windshield replacement. The mini detail service includes wiping down the front door jams, cleaning the exterior of the windows and vacuuming the front carpets. If you have any  questions you would like to ask Best Choice Auto Glass call us at 918.835.6026 or email us at info@ Visit our website and check out our about us video!