It is the summer. It is also Oklahoma. In Oklahoma it gets extremely hot in the summer. You deciding that it was getting way too hot to be in Tulsa decided that you were wanting to go on a month long trip. You had been wanting to go on a trip ever since you racked up enough  paid vacation days at work. Your oldest child was married and you would be able to leave your other children at her house while you were gone with your husband. You would even make it easier for her by cooking most of the meals before hand and offering up your large house for them to live it. You had even decided to clean it before you leave. So on your way home from work you call your oldest daughter and tell her your plan to see if it would work with her. She tells you that it would work and to keep her updated on when they were planning on leaving. So you are almost home and suddenly a rock flys up and hits your windshield replacement tulsa. You pull off to the side of the road and look at it. The rock had made a chip bigger than a quarter in your front windshield. So you start to drive back home. When you get home you look up on your computer to see if there was any good auto glass replacement companies in the area. Finally you found a company called Best Choice Auto Glass. The next day before you go to work you call them and tell them that you need a new front windshield.  They ask you a few questions and give you a good price to replace the front windshield. They also told you a few things that comes with the replacement. The first thing was a no leak guarantee, the second thing was a free chip repair in the first year of having the glass replaced and the third thing was a free mini detail service. The free mini detail service included wiping out the front door jams, vacuuming the front carpets and cleaning the exterior of the rest of the glass. They also told you that they could get to you the very next day and that they would come to you. So you schedule an appointment for the next day and you head to work. The next day while you were cooking freezer meals they came and replaced your front windshield. When they were done you payed for it by credit card and inspected the job that they had done. While you were paying for it they told you about the other services that they can do. They told you about how they can tint your car windows, how they can calibrate your lane deviation cameras and how they can custom cut laminated glass. When they were gone you called your daughter to tell her about Best Choice Auto Glass and windshield replacement Tulsa. You also tell your daughter that you booked a flight for the following week. The next day your daughter starts to move into your house. Once you left your daughter had to get her windshield replacement Tulsa. Your daughter who had been wanting to get her windows tinted but who was not sure who to go with, had Best Choice Auto Glass do it once they were finished with the windshield replacement Tulsa. Once you were home you did not hesitate to refer people to Best Choice Auto Glass. At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to provide a great service to the whole family. To provide a wonderful service to the whole family we offer a free chip repair in the first year of having the windshield replacement Tulsa, a no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield and a free mini detail service. But what do those mean? Well the free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replacement tulsa means that if a rock flys up and makes a chip in your windshield we will repair the chip for free! It will cost nothing for you. We also will give you a free mini detail service. The mini detail service includes us wiping down the front door jams, cleaning the exterior of the windows and vacuuming the front carpets. We will do all of the above for free. It will be no cost for you. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does window tinting? We are able to tint your windows during the same appointment  as we replace your windshield. We are also able to tint school buses or any kind of bus. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? We are able to come to wherever you are located. So if you are at work and you can not drive your car to a shop to get the windshield replaced we are able to come right to your work and replace your windshield. But if you want to drop off your car at a shop we have a shop in which you can drop off your car. We also are able to calibrate lane deviation cameras at our shop. Did you just replaced your windshield and do you have a lane deviation camera? Best Choice Auto Glass is the company you need to calibrate that camera. If you replace your windshield at our shop we are able to both tint your windows and calibrate your windshield. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will custom cut laminated glass to put into busses or tractors? We will do this for you and them install the piece of glass. So if you have any questions to ask us about any of our services or if you need a quote on a windshield, tint or camera calibration call, email or visit our website at 918.835.6026,, We will be happy to serve you.