Have you ever just driven down the road just for the pleasure of driving down the road? Do you like feeling the wind in your hair as you go down the road? Do you enjoy seeing the road never ending in front of you? Have you ever had to have a windshield replacement Tulsa?  So today you decided after work that you wanted to go driving alone into the country. You have not done this in a couple of year. This is going to be your time to relax. You are going to blast your music as loud as you can. You are able to blast your music as loud as you want it because you are very very far from any cities. You are going to pick up your favorite dinner and then head out and have a picnic. Before you picked up your dinner you decide that you are going to drive as far as you can in an hour. You would have driven longer but you have a very work schedule. So you head out and forty five minutes later you notice a chip in your windshield. You decide that it probably will not spread. So you continue driving. On your way home the chip starts to spread. You were wrong. Now you have to decide who to call to get it replaced. Well you remember that there is a auto glass company that has really good reviews online. You also had a friend who got her windshield replacement Tulsa by them. So you call her and she said “I had Best Choice Auto Glass do it. They did an extremely excellent job on it. They vacuumed my front carpets, wiped down my front door jams and cleaned the rest of the exterior of the windows. They even gave me a free chip repair in the first year of having it replaced. Best Choice auto Glass even came to me instead of me coming to them. They were really friendly and kind. My windshield replacement tulsa is the best that I could ever had. When I needed my chip fixed I came to there shop and they offered me cookies and a drink. It was very welcoming. I would suggest that you used them. You will not regret that choice. They definitely are the best choice. I would recommend them to anyone. They will definitely take care of any auto glass needs that you may have.”. So the next day you call Best Choice Auto Glass and they answered quickly and cheerfully. They give a good quote to replace it and they were able to get you in the next day! They also said they are able to come right to you!  You are delighted! It was just like your friend said. They were very kind and friendly. Best Choice Auto Glass is a owned by Mark who started it more than twenty five years ago. He prides in doing the best job that he can do. At Best Choice Auto Glass we offer you the best price. We also offer the free best choice mini detail service, a free chip repair in the first year and a lifetime no leak guarantee. Are you wondering what the best choice mini detail service is? The mini best choice detail service is where we clean your front door jams, vacuum the front carpets and clean the rest of the exterior of the windows. Are you wondering what it means to clean your front door jams? It means that we clean all of the dirt, grime and all of the possible food remains. Are you wondering what it means to vacuum the front carpets? Well it means that we vacuum all of the dirt, rocks and broken glass. Unlike other companies we do not leave our broken glass in your vehicle. Are you wondering what it means to clean the exterior of the rest of the windows? It means that we wipe down and get all of the outside grime from the window. At Best Choice Auto Glass we also offer a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replacement Tulsa. That means that while you are driving down the road and you get a chip in your windshield Best Choice Auto Glass will replace it for you for NOTHING!!!! IT IS COMPLETELY FREE!!!!!!!! At Best Choice Auto Glass we are completely mobile! That means we can come to you! You do not have to go anywhere! While you are still in your comfy pants we will windshield replacement Tulsa. Best Choice auto Glass also has a shop that you can come to! Are you tired of sitting in a dirty shop waiting for hours on end in order to have your windshield replacement Tulsa replaced? At our shop we offer you a very comfy seat while you drink coffee. If you do not like coffee we offer hot chocolate or bottled water.At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to accommodate your schedule. That means that either we can come to you or you can come to us! At our Best Choice Auto Glass shop we like to provide you with the best service. At Best Choice Auto we can do camera calibrations for your vehicle.  What is a camera calibration? A camera calibration is when we realline your camera in order that your line deviation camera works properly. It is very very dangerous is you do not get it calibrated. It will not work properly if you do not get it calibrated. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass does commercial auto glass? We can do discounts for commercial accounts. Best Choice Auto Glass also replaces semi glass also! We have many commercial accounts in which we replace their semi truck glass for them. If you have not made the best choice difference yet you can visit our website at https://bestchoicetulsa.com or call us today at 918.835.6026. We are happy to help you.