Do you like driving in the country? Have you ever gone driving for hours for no reason? Blasting your favorite Imagine Dragons song! Have you ever just driven to the middle of nowhere and taken a long nap? Have you ever gone taken some food and just drove off into the distance just because you wanted to get out of the city? Did you have a good time? Was it one of the most peaceful times you ever had on a Friday night? Have you ever taken your best friend with you or do you just like being alone for a few hours out of the week? Are you tired of working all week? Are you tired of driving places all the time? So this just the once you got a babysitter for you three sweet kids and you grab some food from your favorite fast food place and you get out of town. You just start to drive into the sunset. Wow! You just realized how pretty the sunset was! Do you with you could do this all the time? So a couple of hours later after your nap you realize that something was on your windshield. You squint at it. Then you realized what it was. IT WAS A CRACK SPREADING ACROSS YOUR WINDSHIELD!!!!! So you drive home and go to bed and you think about who you are going to call since you cannot live with that big crack on your windshield. The next morning you call your friend who just had her windshield replacement tulsa. You say to her “my windshield is cracked what did you search to find the company that you used?”. And she said “I searched windshield replacement Tulsa. If you want to know I used Best Choice Auto Glass and they gave me a really good quote. At Best Choice Auto Glass they gave what they call the Best choice mini detail service  and that is completely free, they also offered me a free chip repair in the first year and they gave me a lifetime no leak guarantee. I would suggest that you go with them, but you do not have to.”. So you search windshield replacement Tulsa and Best Choice Auto Glass was on the top of the page! So you call them and they gave you a really good price so you decide to go with them. You are scheduled with them for tomorrow. You are so surprised that they are able to get to you so soon. At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to pride ourselves by doing the best windshield replacement tulsa that we can. At Best Choice Auto Glass we offer you a few free things. Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile! Because Best Choice is completely mobile we can come to where it is the most convenient for you! You can sit in you comfy pants while we do all the work! Best Choice Auto Glass also has a shop! Our shop is a clean comfy environment that we provide for you. If can either come to us or we can come to you. We like to accommodate your schedule. At our shop we offer you a drink and a snack. We offer you a free chip repair in the first year of having it replaced. That means that if a rock falls out of a dump truck while you are on your way to work and hits your newly windshield replacement tulsa you can get it fixed for nothing. It is absolutely free! You do not have to pay anything! At Best Choice Auto Glass we offer you the Best Choice Mini detail service for free! Are you wondering what the Best Choice Mini Detail Service is? Good question! The Best Choice Mini Detail Service is where we wipe all the grim, dust, and dirt from your front door jam, we also vacuum all the dirt, mud, and food remains your front carpets. We also clean all the dirt handprints and grime from the exterior of the rest of your windows. Who does not like having their car being cleaned for free? I certainly like having my car cleaned for free. We also offer a lifetime no leak guarantee for the rest of that windshields life. Do you know what it means to have your camera calibrated? Well it means to reline a camera in order that it can properly tell you how far away you are from the other lanes or cars. Did you know that it is not safe to drive your car without having that camera calibrated? It can cause accidents because it will not sense things the right way. Mark the owner of Best Choice Auto Glass has owned this business for over twenty seven years. He goes out to work everyday whether he is sick or not. He goes to work rain, snow or shine. He works from early in the morning to late at night twenty four seven. At Best Choice Auto Glass we like to help our customers. If something goes wrong we like to do whatever we can do to help them. We will even lower our prices if someone elses price is lower. At Best Choice Auto Glass we can repair your chips that are in your windshield if they are less than a quarter in size. We can make them look like they were not even there. We use a special glue to fill it in and we melt it to blend it in with the windshield glass. Then we use ultraviolet light to help set it. If you ever need  a windshield replacement Tulsa or repair any auto glass call needs our call representative at 918.835.6026. She will get you set up for an appointment. When you call us you will not be disappointed. We will treat you like you are our family. we will definitely take care of you. You can also visit our website at