I love listening to pop music. Do you like listening to pop music? I love driving around the city of Tulsa for no reason at all. Do you love driving around the city of Tulsa for no reason at all. So a long time ago I just started to drive off into the distance. It was amazing! I was alone for a five hours straight without anyone to bother me. I even turned down the volume of my phone. I loved that time. So do you ever just drive because you just want some peace and quiet? One time you decided that you wanted to drive for the fun of it. So you pack some dinner and start to drive out of the neighborhood. You past a QT and you past the Best Choice Auto Glass shop. You thought well I am happy that I do not need my windshield replacement tulsa. So you get on the highway and start to speed up. You turn on the radio and your favorite song is just starting. You turn the music up. You start to come into a little town of Haskell. You also find out that there is a lake nearby. You go there and to eat your dinner. You are still basting your music. This is the best life. You now start to go back home and on one of the dirt roads a rock flys up and hits your windshield replacement Tulsa. CRACK! SMASH! “OHMYGOODNESS! Did a rock just hit my windshield replacement Tulsa? I do not have time for this! I have school to teach tomorrow! I guess in the morning I will have to call that auto glass business that is near me but if only I could remember that name!”. So in the morning I googled them up and found out that they were Best Choice Auto Glass. “Oooooo, Best Choice Auto Glass has over a hundred reviews and are still five star. Wait they do a mini detail service! And they guarantee a no leaks for they life time of the windshield replacement tulsa and they give me a free chip repair in the first year of having the windshield replacement tulsa!”. So I called them and they gave a reasonable price to get my windshield replacement tulsa. They scheduled the replacement for that day. They did it while I was teaching school. And I was able to pay for it right there because they had a mobile card reader. I was sooo happy. A few months later i needed a chip repair and it was completely free! They scheduled me where it was the most convenient for me. I would definitely refer them to other people and I have. Also have you tasted their cookies! They make them from scratch and they give them people while they wait. They also are so happy all the time. They strive to provide the best service that they can ever give. Best Choice Auto Glass is a auto glass repair, and replacement company. The owner of Best Choice Auto Glass has been doing auto glass for over twenty five years. They offer a few thing for your convenience. First they offer the Best Choice Mini detail service in which we clean your front door james because you just know that they get really dirty. We also vacuum your front carpets to get all of the glass and dirt out of them. Lastly we clean all of the dust from the rest of the exterior glass. Secondly we give a free chip repair in the first year of having your windshield replaced. That means if you are driving down the road and a rock hits your windshield you can give Best Choice Auto Glass a call to have that fixed for free. Thirdly we will give a lifetime no leak guarantee for the lifetime of the windshield. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass will be doing tinting? We will be able to tint your glass for you so that whenever you have a window replaced and all of the other windows are tinted it will not look weird at all. We also do windshield camera calibrations. Did you know that it is not safe to drive after having your windshield replaced when you have a lane deviation camera? It will not work properly and may affect other parts of your car. While we replace your windshield we can calibrate your windshield at the same time. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass can repair all the chips that make its way to your windshield? Well our employee Mark is excellent at making them just about disappear. Did you know that Best Choice Auto Glass is completely mobile? That means that we can come to wherever you are located. We love being able to serve our customers so we have our times flexible so that if you have to reschedule we can fit you in. that also means that we can do all the work while you are at home or at work. We also have a shop that you can come to if that is more convenient for you. We provide the shop that you can to come to with a nice place to stay while you wait for us to replace your windshield. We will also calibrate your windshield there for you if you want. Best Choice Auto Glass loves adjusting for you. If you call us you will get the best service ever. We will you the best quote so that you do not have to spend a thousand or more on just getting a windshield replaced. So give Best Choice Auto Glass a call or visit our website. You are sure not going to be disappointed with our work. We will provide you with the best service that we are able to give you. So give us a call and get the best auto glass quote. You will not regret that decision.