Did you just get a new windshield replacement? If so, you may not have heard about the camera calibration Bixby that may need to be done to your windshield. If your windshield has the lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, or any other features that make use of a camera on your windshield, then you will need a camera calibration after the windshield replacement has been done. Not many companies will warn you about the camera calibration Bixby that you may need to do on your vehicle, but Best Choice Auto Glass is clear and up-front with their customers about the services required. 


Best Choice Auto Glass offers mobile service within the Tulsa, Muskogee and surrounding areas. It is often not possible for customers to wait in a shop when they have other things they need to be doing, which is why we offer this mobile service. We can even come to your work or home if that works best for our customers. We have hundreds of reviews of satisfied customers on our Google page so that you can view the reactions of customers that we have done work for. We offer a range of windshield repair services, from chip repairs to replacements on pick-up trucks, sedans, station wagons, and even semi trucks and other commercial vehicles and heavy equipment. We also try our best to get our customers scheduled as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


Unfortunately, not all auto glass repair shops in those areas have such high standards. As a result, they will not warn you about the camera calibration Bixby required for some windshield replacements. On certain windshields, there will be a camera in the middle top of the windshield that ensures that the lane departure warning system, adaptive cruise control, and other like systems work efficiently and effectively. When the windshield is replaced, this camera is removed and put onto the new windshield. This causes the camera to become virtually inoperable. While these systems will technically work, the camera cannot see properly and therefore may cause an accident on the highway. 


When we perform the camera calibration Bixby, we ensure that the camera is pointing the right directions and can correctly see the lanes and identify cars in front of you. To neglect this would be to risk serious injury or an accident on the highway, since the camera may malfunction and force you into other cars, or even oncoming traffic. Thankfully, Best Choice Auto Glass can perform the camera calibration Bixby at the time of the windshield replacement. We even take the time to make sure we install the correct windshield brand when we replace your windshield. 


Certain windshield brands may cause options like bluetooth speakers or heads up display to stop working properly, and the same goes with the cameras on the windshield. Unfortunately, if you have another auto glass company replace your windshield, we are unable to do the camera calibration Bixby on your windshield. The reason for this is that we cannot guarantee that the replacement was done correctly or with the same care that we would have taken on your vehicles. We also have to be able to provide verification of the windshield brand and the glue used in the replacement. 


Best Choice Auto Glass offers several other features of a windshield replacement that make it worth choosing, other than the camera calibration Bixby. For example, we offer a free mini detail service on our private sector vehicles while we are doing the windshield replacement. We make sure that we take ample care of your vehicles and leave you satisfied with your job. We also offer a free chip repair on the replaced windshield within the first year. So, if you have a chip on that windshield we will repair it for no charge within 12 months. We also offer a lifetime guarantee on all of the workmanship that we do on our windshield replacements. So, if you ever have a problem with the windshield or rear view mirror or back glass or door glass that we do on your vehicle, you can always give us a call and we will do whatever we can to make it right, at absolutely no charge to you. 


Mark Burgess is the owner of Best Choice Auto Glass and has been doing auto glass work for almost 30 years. He works tirelessly to pass his expertise and attention to detail to his employees that he trains and works closely with. It is our top priority to make sure you have a pleasant and efficient experience at Best Choice Auto Glass, whether you are getting your windshield, back glass, door glass, quarter glass, or vent glass replaced or repaired. 


Mark and his employees also do lots of work on semi trucks. They extend their expertise, efficiency and attention to detail into the world of commercial vehicles every time they do a job for a trucking company. Mark has accounts that he has been working for, some for as long as 15 years. They say actions speak louder than words, so it ought to go without saying that his services are off the charts for a trucking company to use him to replace their auto glass for so many years. 


To conclude, Best Choice Auto Glass offers the best service around, from camera calibration Bixby to any auto glass replacement and repair. We also offer our free mini detail service, free chip repair on the replaced windshield within the first year, and a lifetime no-leak guarantee on all of our workmanship. This just goes to show the pride that we take in each and every job that we do for you, the customer. So, if you are in need of any auto glass work, please give us a call at (918) 835.6026 or visit our website at https://bestchoicetulsa.com. Check out our about us video while you are there! We would love to service you and give you the chance to experience the service of Best Choice Auto Glass for yourself. 

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