Camera Calibration Muskogee

I know what you are thinking. It is nice to have a brand new car with countless features. Maybe you have a camera calibration muskogee system mounted on your windshield and your vehicle has lane departure warning system or forward collision alert. These assisted safety systems are very nice when it comes to your safety. Maybe you are passing your kid a drink and reaching behind you causes you to leave your lane a little and an alarm comes on telling you, you are leaving your lane. That is lane departure warning system. That lets you know you are getting out of your lane. Or maybe you didn’t see the car in front of you slow down or maybe even stop and you failed to stop. If you have the forward collision alert, your car will stop for you, BEFORE you crash into the stopped vehicle. So even though these systems are really nice to have they don’t come without a price. What the dealership probably didn’t tell you about your camera calibration muskogee is that if you ever get your windshield replaced, your windshield camera calibration muskogee would need to be re-calibrated. Why wouldn’t they tell you that? Well the answer is simple. Because it cost a good amount of money to get your camera calibration muskogee calibrated and they would not want that to deter you from buying the vehicle. So who would you trust with your windshield replacement and this calibration? Well I am here to tell you about a company that will give you the quality of work you want at an affordable price! The name of the company is Best Choice Auto Glass. It is owned by a man named Mark Burgess. He packed up his family from Anchorage, Alaska and moved to a small town in Oklahoma. And you know what? Mark did not know anything about the glass industry. Or how to replace a windshield or a door glass or back glass or what urethane to use. Nothing! But he trained under a relative that owned his own glass business himself for some time before loading his truck down with equipment and heading out on his own. Will he also do a good job on your camera calibration muskogee? He will do better than any other glass company out there. There is no one better to trust than Best Choice Auto Glass for your windshield replacement and your camera calibration Muskogee. So let me tell you about their services. Once you call Best Choice Auto Glass you will talk to a kind customer service representative that will give you a quote over the phone and if you want to go ahead and schedule sometimes they can get to you the same day! Fast service right? And you will also be surprised by the affordable prices you will get. And I will tell you why. Most glass companies bank on you not knowing anything about auto glass industry and what it cost to replace your windshield or door glass or back glass. But here is the thing. Most vehicles have more than one windshield. And each of these windshields has what they call “options” And the price is going to be different based on what options you have. So as I was saying, most companies will price you the most expensive one, banking on the fact you don’t know any better. They do not ask the questions and find out what options you have. Well Best Choice Auto Glass will ask these questions and find out exactly what windshield needs to go back in your vehicle. And it will definitely be cheaper. Now let me explain something else. You will also find other glass companies that will replace your windshield for dirt cheap. And I mean dirt cheap. And I understand needing to find the cheapest price you can get but you know sometimes going cheaper is not always a good thing. It might be ok for things like a lawn mower or a coffee pot but when it comes to your vehicle, the cheapest isn’t always the best way to go. You don’t want your windshield to be leaking a ways down the road right? Cheap price, cheap work. Best Choice Auto Glass is knows what products to use that will properly seal and the windshield to your vehicle. But let me tell you about their services. Once they arrive for your windshield replacement, they will place floor mats down so they don’t get your front carpets dirty. Very nice right? No need to worry about your steering wheel or your floorboards getting dirty with Best Choice Auto Glass. That just one difference between them and other glass companies. You see, Mark is very detailed and particular about his vehicles. Work and personal. So Mark wants his customers to know that he will treat their vehicles like his own and will leave it cleaner than when they started. After the installation is finished they will remove the floor mats and dispose of them. Then they will vacuum your front carpets, clean the exterior of the rest of the windows on the vehicle and wipe the front door jambs. Amazing right? I bet you weren’t expecting that! You will not see a company that puts customer service over making a few extra bucks. Best Choice Auto Glass number one priority is customer service. And that is not all! You will get a free chip repair in the first year of getting that replacement. Which is a $55 dollar value. Not that is what I am talking about! If you do need your camera re-calibrated, Best Choice Auto Glass will do that immediately after the installation. Because it is not safe to drive away without getting that calibration done. So no need to flip through the pages in the phone book or scrolling through the countless ads on Google. There is only one company you need to call and is Best Choice Auto Glass and book your appointment!