When was the last time you needed your windshield replaced? Was it just yesterday, or maybe it was 4 or 5 years ago? Maybe you even have, say, a 2010 and you have never had to replace a windshield in it? For now, though, let’s pretend you have a 2019, say, Dodge Ram. You just bought your great big black truck, and you are seriously jazzed about it. I mean, look at all of the cool systems in this thing! Connecting Your phone to the stereo through bluetooth is super easy, and it even has a GPS and Siri built into it! Now, you can call someone, text, or ask directions without touching a single button, or having to let go of the steering wheel! And what might be the best part, is that your snazzy new truck has a lane departure warning system, which basically ,means that it beeps at your and lets you know when you are departing from your lane, or maybe it even steers you back into your own lane for you! That would be pretty neat, huh? Well, let me tell you , windshield replacements for those snazzy new vehicles can get pretty near a fortune to replace! I mean,you would kind of expect it, it being a 2019 and all, but it is also very true that all of the systems built into your brand new 2019 truck can be very, very expensive to calibrate! For example, did you know that having to get all of your cool new systems recalibrated could cost you up to $800? That’s a lot of money, and that doesn’t even count the windshield replacement! Unfortunately, this technology is very new, and the word is just now getting out about it. THis means that very few windshield replacement companies are calibrating, as well as replacing the windshield, and that alone can be a big safety hazard! If you get your camera calibration Tulsa done at say, Safelite Auto Glass, but they don’t calibrate your camera for you, what happens when you veer out of your lane and either your lane departure warning system does not work at all, or maybe it steers you too far, or not enough? This could be a serious safety hazard, and if the camera were to malfunction, even for just a second, while you looked away from the road, it could mean a big, serious accident. Of course, it doesn’t guarantee that here will be a big accident, but it is most definitely a possibility! So, how do you avoid all of the big terrible situations you could get into if you don’t have your camera calibration Tulsa done right after your windshield replacement? Well, that’s easy: all you have to do is find a company that can both replace your windshield and perform your camera calibration Tulsa the right way! For example, did you know that there are actually two ways to do a camera calibration Tulsa: domestic and foreign cars require different calibrations. Anyway, back to the point: there are several ways to tell if a company is the right one ot do your camera calibration Tulsa, and one easy way to tell if a company is the right one to do your camera calibration Tulsa is to look at their Google reviews. I can tell you plainly and simply, it is NOT easy to get a Google review. Besides the fact that, in all honesty, most people simply don’t give Google reviews unless they are really mad, to add to that, Google can actually take away a few reviews at the touch of a button. Google is constantly looking at websites, reading reviews, and web content, in order to make sure that you are a real business, and that you aren’t trying to rip anybody off. You see, Google has a VERY high interest in making sure that none of the businesses they list on their search database are frauds, or imposters. So, if a company has a LOT of 5-star Google reviews, more than likely they earned them. Also, check out the company’s website. If it seems real, current, and not like they are trying to rip you off, then more than likely this company can do a good job. Second of all, do a little bit of mystery shopping. Call the company. Are the customer service representatives kind, courteous, and polite? Do they appear to od good w work? And, do the customer service representatives know everything they should? Are they frank and honest? And perhaps most importantly, make sure the company also does camera calibration Tulsa! Remember, don’t get into those bad situations or accidents that we talked about earlier. So what company can you use to do your camera calibration Tulsa as well as a quality, well-priced windshield replacement? Fortunately, the answer to that question is incredibly easy: there is only one quality, well-priced, expert company to do this for you in Tulsa, and that is Best CHoice Auto Glass. Best Choice Auto Glass has been serving the Tulsa and Muskogee areas for over 27 years, and we don’t aim to stop anytime soon! The owner of the company, Mark Burgess, loves serving the Tulsa and Muskogee areas, and has been doing it very well for over 27 years! He moved his family down here from Anchorage, Alaska. Now, let me tell you something about the company itself: Best Choice AUto Glass has been doing great work on both semi trucks and private vehicles for a very long time. If you look them up, you will see that they have 100 well-earned 5-star Google reviews! I promise, these WERE NOT easy to get! We worked hard for every single Google review, and we cannot wait to take care of your windshield replacement AND camera calibration Tulsa! We make sure our customer service is great. Call us today at 918.835.6026. Also, look at our GOogle reviews! See all the happy customers?! They are very pleased and we hope you will be too!