Have you ever needed to have your windshield replaced? If you have, you know that it can be a very frustrating process when you are trying to find the best price, the best value, and the best service. Some people are only worried about how much money this windshield replacement deal will cost them. Obviously, money needs to be a consideration, but sometimes the cheapest deal is not always the best. For example, most people don’t know or understand why camera calibration Tulsa is so important, but this is something that a lot of people need to be educated on. On some vehicles there are cameras on the windshield. For example, if you have lane deviation warning system, then there will either be a button on the dashboard that lights up if you veer out of your lane, some light up in the area where your speedometer, gas meter, etc are, and some even have a light show up on your windshield itself. In any case, after a windshield that has any type of camera on it has been replaced, it is of the utmost importance to have your camera calibration Tulsa done right, otherwise it could have SERIOUS consequences for both the owner and the car. For example, say you depend quite a bit on your lane deviation warning system to make sure you stay in your lane. What happens if you driving down the road, you just got your windshield replaced, but you haven’t gotten the camera calibrated. Maybe you didn’t even know it had to be done, and you have never heard of camera calibration Tulsa. Well, anyway, you are driving along the road with a brand-new windshield in, and you look away from the road for only a second, just long enough to adjust the heating and air controls. Then, while you are still looking at the air controls, a car comes speeding around the corner. Maybe you hit the car, maybe you don’t. Either way, you notice that your car failed to beep when you left your lane, and you are curious as to why in the world all of a sudden, your lane deviation warning system failed to do what it is supposed to. So, you call a dealership and they explain to you what exactly a camera calibration Tulsa is, and now you realize that the costs of getting your windshield replaced actually aren’t through, and that in actuality the costs have actually just begun. For example, did you know that a calibration performed at a dealership could cost you upwards of $800?!?!??! That seems outrageously pricey, even for being performed by a dealership. SO what exactly can you do about this whole camera calibration Tulsa deal? Let me say one thing: and that is that you must never, ever PUT IT OFF. There have been several accidents that were proven to be a direct result of a camera calibration either not being done at all, or not being done incorrectly. How do you know it is being done correctly? Well, unfortunately, you must simply trust the business that will be performing the calibration. However, there are a few steps that you can take concerning your camera calibration Tulsa to keep you and your vehicle safe. For example, after having your windshield replaced, you really need to have your camera calibrated as quickly as possible, preferably at the location that the windshield was replaced at. Obviously, this is sometimes not an option. Secondly, make sure that the company you choose to do your camera calibration Tulsa is reliable. Check out their Google reviews! I can honestly say that the Google reviews DO matter. They don’t come freely, and sometimes reviews even get taken away by Google, just to make sure you are a real business. So, once you find a company that does do the camera calibration Tulsa, you have seen a LOT of reliable Google reviews, and their website looks new and kept up with, you should definitely give this company a call! Right off the bat, this sounds like an ideal company: reliable (you now know this because of all of the Google reviews that you read) Cares about their customer’s first impression: how well the website is kept up with, and that they do camera calibrations! Does this sound too good to be true? Well, good news: It’s not! There really is a company that does all of this, and more! Best Choice Auto Glass is Tulsa area’s most reliable, pleasant, quick mobile auto glass replacement business! They have been serving the Tulsa and Muskogee areas for over 27 years! They still have great customer service, quality windshield replacements, and great prices. The owner, Mark Burgess, brought his family to Oklahoma from Alaska and learned the business from his wife’s cousin. But, don’t take my word for it! Here are some other GREAT reasons to choose Best Choice Auto Glass for all of your very important, and safe windshield replacements. 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