Are you a busy person with no time to get a windshield replacement? Not to worry! Best Choice Auto Glass can handle your chip repair Bixby fast with a reasonable price! This helps save you time and money in the long run as it can avoid pricey windshield replacements. Chip repairs are also very fast to do so you won’t have much down time while it is getting repaired. At Best Choice Auto Glass, we pride ourselves on making sure we do the job right the first time. This also applies not only to our chip repair Bixby jobs, but also to our other auto glass replacements and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems camera recalibrations that we do. 


At Best Choice Auto Glass we offer the full range of any auto glass replacement or repair needs, including repairing chip repair Bixby. We also do windshield replacements, back glass replacements, vent glass replacements, quarter glass replacements and door glass replacements. We not only do this on the car that you drive to work every day, we also work on semi trucks and other commercial vehicles, including heavy equipment such as excavators and tractors. 


Unfortunately, not all jobs that we do can be as simple as most chip repair Bixby ends up being. With almost all of the newer vehicles that are coming out, they include systems such as the Lane Departure Warning System, Adaptive Cruise Control, Forward Collision Alert, and other ADAS systems that end up needing the camera on the front of the windshield recalibrated. Our technicians are carefully and extensively trained to take the most care and precautions on your vehicle that we can. Calibrations and auto glass take precision and orientation to detail, and we make sure we follow through on that. 


The founder of Best Choice Auto Glass, Mark Burgess, passes his vast knowledge and years of experience to his employees by working closely with them before he allows them to do jobs on their own. He holds them to an extremely high standard, which is something we pride ourselves on at Best Choice Auto Glass. That can sometimes be difficult when we encounter problems while doing a chip repair Bixby, calibration, or any other auto glass repair or replacement, but we always make sure we do our absolute best on almost every job. 


Calibrations are particularly important because they help ensure the safety of your vehicle on the road after having the windshield replaced. Many places do not even tell you that you need your camera calibrated after a windshield replacement, let alone have the software and equipment to perform the calibration. If your cameras or sensors do not get recalibrated after the windshield gets replaced, then you risk those symptoms failing to work possibly and possibly even causing an accident. Thankfully, this service does not have to be performed with the chip repair Bixby.


We even make sure to use the right brand of glass when doing calibrations or even on vehicles that do not require other vehicles, but instead have specific other options that may not look right when we use anything but the right brand of glass, or even a dealer part. We pride ourselves on doing our best for your specific vehicle each and every time. Just take a look at our reviews on Google to see why people come back to Best Choice Auto Glass. 


Our customers especially love some of the free perks and guarantees that come with our windshield replacements. For example, on any replaced windshield that we do, we will give you a free chip repair Bixby on that windshield anytime within that first year. Not only do we offer the chip repairs, we also offer a lifetime no-leak guarantee on any auto glass replacement that is a glue-in. THis means that if we did something wrong, we will make sure that you are happy with your experience by making it right for you, no matter what that takes. We also perform a free mini detail with each and every windshield replacement that we perform. This entails vacuuming your carpets, cleaning the exterior of all of the glass in your vehicle, and even wiping down the front door jams. Like I said, your satisfaction is important to us and it is why we do the work that we do. 


Unfortunately, we can’t always repair a chip repair Bixby. Some chips are too small and too shallow to make the repairing liquid stick. In cases like this, you can either ignore the chip or buy a new windshield. However, it doesn’t hurt to have someone look at it in case you aren’t sure whether it can be repaired or not. Our employees are glad to perform certain services for you, even if we don’t get paid or hardly charge you at all. Give us a call at (918)835.6026 if you ever want to stop by our shop and see if your chip repair Bixby is able to be repaired. If it is, we can give you a quote and schedule you an appointment while you are there, or you simply get a no-obligation quote and schedule an appointment at a later date. 


As you can see, there are many, many reasons to choose Best Choice Auto Glass as your windshield repair and replacement place. Not only do we have great reviews and outstanding customer service, but our employees genuinely care about doing the best job that they can on each vehicle they work on. We also offer the lifetime no-leak guarantee, perform the mini detail, and offer a free chip repair Bixby within the first year of the replacement on that windshield. Mark Burgess takes pride in each and every job he does, and makes sure his employees do, too. We want you to have peace of mind and experience as little stress as possible when scheduling and taking care of your chip repair Bixby or any other auto glass replacement or repair work. Feel free to give us a call at (918)835.6026, visit our website and check out our about us video!