Muskogee Auto Glass

We are getting to that time of year when we all will be drive our vehicle more because the weather is so nice. With that comes the higher risk of something happening to your windshield. Like a rock hitting it and making a large chip or maybe even creating a large crack that keeps getting bigger and bigger. Well I am here to tell you about a company that you can trust with your Muskogee auto glass needs. The company is Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this business in the fall of 1991. You heard right! That is twenty-seven years ago! Mark didn’t know anything about the glass business but he trained under a relative that had his own glass business. He soon learned enough to get started on his own so he got everything he needed for his truck and started on his own. He did not have a shop for his customers, he went completely mobile so he went to every one of his customers to fix their Muskogee auto glass replacement or repair. To this day, Best Choice Auto Glass is still completely mobile and will come to you to do the job. If you really can’t take the time off work, Mark or one of his technicians will come to your place of employment. And you can still work while they fix your Muskogee auto glass replacement or repair. Or maybe you don’t want to leave your home. Maybe you have a lot of stuff to do around your house and you don’t really have the time to leave, drive into town and drop your car off and then either somehow get home again then go pick it up after it is done or sit in the shop’s waiting room for hours until it is done. No one has time to do that. Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your home or meet you wherever you want to get the job done. Best Choice Auto Glass is a company that cares about their customer’s needs. Mark wants your experience with Best Choice Auto Glass to be one of convenience. He wants his customers to know serving them is his number one priority.  He wants you to be satisfied and happy with your Muskogee auto glass replacement or repair. Best Choice Auto Glass is also known for affordable prices. Let me expand on this. There are a lot of glass companies out there. And most of them will quote you a universal price. What you may not know about your Muskogee auto glass is that it has different specs and that there may be more than one windshield. It is important to find out your windshield’s specs so the right windshield can be quoted to you. Most companies will not ask these questions and find out, they will simple quote you a windshield that will fit your vehicle whether or not your windshield has the specs or not. And generally it is the most expensive windshield. Best Choice Auto Glass will not do this. Mark or his representative will ask these questions then quote you the correct windshield that your vehicle needs. That is honesty and integrity for you! And I also need to add that all of Best Choice Auto Glass repairs and replacement have a lifetime guarantee. So no need to worry if something goes wrong with your Muskogee auto glass repair or replacement. Best Choice Auto Glass will come back immediately and fix whatever is wrong. With no cost to you! One thing I would warn you about is there are companies that will quote you a really cheap price. Too good to be true price. These companies probably do not offer a lifetime guarantee. Always remember to make sure your windshield comes with this. If not you will end up buying two windshields instead of one. Best Choice Auto Glass is sounding great right? And they even have same day scheduling! If you call early enough in the morning they will set up that same day. If not then you will definitely get an appointment the next day. That is fast service! No need to drop off your car, they will come to you! Now let me tell you about the services they provide during your windshield replacement. Once they arrive at the location you choose for your Muskogee auto glass they will place floor mats on the front driver and passenger carpets, clean the windows, clean the rear-view mirror and the door jams. They will leave your car cleaner then when they started! Mark understands the meaning of customer service! He wants his customers to know that he will treat their vehicles like his own. And if you know Mark, you know he is very picky and very detailed when it comes to work vehicles. Work and personal. So you never have to worry when Mark is working on your vehicle. His values and standards have only increased as the years have gone by and he won’t compromise that for anything. Once you become a Best Choice Auto Glass customer, you will never use another company. He has had customers for almost as long as he has been around. That is impressive! This is a company you can trust! I recommend you look them up and read their google reviews. You will see so many happy and satisfied customers because Best Choice Auto Glass is the best choice. You will see they talk about honesty, integrity and excellent customer service. And how much they appreciated the mini detail service they provided. I assure you, you will not be disappointment with giving this company a try. You will not need to spend hours flipping through the phone book calling each and every one. If something happens you will know who to call right away! So don’t waste anymore time on the phone or flipping through that phone book! Pick up the phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass for your free quote today!