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Do you live in Muskogee or the surrounding area? Or maybe in Tulsa and the surrounding area? Have you ever needed a windshield replaced? I’m sure you have and you probably chose a company that was cheap and somewhat affordable. And I’m sure the experience wasn’t too bad. Or maybe it was and you will have to find another company to use when you need something fixed on your windshield. Well I need to tell you about a company that will give you an experience of a lifetime when it comes to you Muskogee Auto Glass needs. The company I am talking about is called Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark Burgess, founder and CEO, started this business in 1991. Mark trained under a relative who had a glass business of his own before starting on his own business endeavor. He didn’t waste any time. With a family of 5 to feed, he built himself a glass rack, bought the supplies he needed and with determination started what is now a thriving 27 year business. He didn’t have a shop and to this day he still is completely mobile. He knew he would serve his customers better and more efficiently if he went to his customers instead of them coming to him if he had a shop. That’s right. Mark and his technicians will come to you for your Muskogee Auto Glass replacement or repair. If can’t take off of work, they will come to your place of work. If you don’t want to leave your home, they will come to your house. If you are out and about and not at work or at home but need to just meet in a parking lot, they will meet you! Mark’s number priority is serving his customers with the best customer service he can give them. Not a lot of companies make customer service a priority or that seriously. But from the very beginning Mark has been determined to be different in this area. He wants his customers to know that he will treat them and their vehicles like he would want him and his to be treated. During your Muskogee Auto Glass replacement or repair, Mark and his technicians will lay floor mats in the front passenger and driver side of your vehicle so they do not get your carpets dirty or muddy. You know when you go get the oil changed in your car or whatever car maintenance you need done, your carpets are always so dirty from the mechanics shoes right? Well not when Best Choice Auto Glass is fixing your Muskogee Auto Glass replacement or repair. After the job is complete and after removing the used floor mats, the technicians will vacuum your front passenger and driver floor carpets. They will also clean your front windows, the rear view mirror and the door jams! Now what other company offers this kind of service? I urge you to call other companies and see for yourself. I assure you, you will not find other glass companies that will do that. Most other companies don’t care about the state of your car when they give it back to you but Best Choice Auto Glass is different. Mark is a man of values and standards and his standards are very high which is evident in his work. And that’s not all. If you get a chip and need a repair fixed within 180 days of your Muskogee Auto Glass replacement then that repair is free! That is a $55 dollar value. Now that is excellent customer service! Mark wants his customer’s to get the best work for their money and understands the cost of a repair or replacement can be difficult on the budget. I am sure other glass companies do not think about their customers budget, but rather thinking about getting as much money as they can. No matter the cost. You see what most people don’t know is a lot of times there is an aftermarket windshield that is sometimes must cheaper. But most companies will not price you this windshield. And probably not even tell you about the cheaper one. Why? Because money is most companies primary motivation. They don’t try to save you money if it means making less for them. Not Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark will tell you about the aftermarket windshield and most of the time that windshield will serve just fine for your Muskogee Auto Glass needs. Which is why Best Choice Auto Glass is known to be more affordable than most companies around. Now you may find those few companies that offer a cheaper price but another thing you need to watch out for is the lifetime warranty. Those companies with the really cheap prices probably don’t have the lifetime warranty. So you will end up paying double because after the first windshield leaks or whatever problems you will have, you will have to replace it again, spending double the money. With Best Choice Auto Glass, you will never have to worry about that. Every chip repair and replacement will always have a lifetime warranty. And of course if there is a problem such as a leak, it will be fixed immediately with no cost to you! Once you give Best Choice Auto Glass a try for your Muskogee Auto Glass needs, you won’t need to look for anyone else. I urge you to get on google. Look up Best Choice Auto Glass and read their reviews. You will see the pattern from everyone of their customers. they talk about honesty. Integrity. Affordable prices. Quality work. Excellent customer service. Dependable and reliable. Same day scheduling. But I understand needing to research yourself and call other companies just to make sure. But I assure you, you will not find another company that goes over and beyond to serve their customers. I urge you to pick up the phone today and call 918.835.6026 and speak to one of their representatives for your free quote!