Muskogee Auto Glass

Let me guess. You have a large crack in your windshield and you are trying to figure out who to call and fix your muskogee auto glass replacement right? You need someone who you can depend. Someone who you can trust and someone who will do it right. Maybe you have already flipped through the phone book and looked at the countless ads of all the glass companies or scrolled online when you google windshield replacement. Well I am here to put your worries and stresses to rest. I know of a company that will provide all this to you and more. And I speak from experience. I understand it is hard to go by someone’s word. It is hard to trust someone’s recommendation when they are not talking from experience. That is why I am telling you about them. I had a bunch of little surface chips in my windshield that were not repairable. So I had to replace it. I called Best Choice Auto Glass and they immediately set me up with an appointment for the next day. And what I loved about that process was it was so easy! I did not have to call and get an automated system. I got a live person! And the customer service representative was very nice and got me set up immediately. It was effortless! But there is so much more! Mark Burgess, owner and founder of Best Choice Auto Glass settled here in Oklahoma in the fall of 1991. He packed up his family and moved from Anchorage, Alaska. And you know what? Mark did not know anything about installing glass. But he did have a relative that owned his own glass business here in Oklahoma. So he went and trained with him before packing up his own truck with equipment and started out on his own. From the very beginning he wanted his customer’s to know that their muskogee auto glass replacement is in good hands. He started with very high standards and morals in regards to how things were done and he has NEVER compromised those standards or morals. And he makes sure all his technicians that he hires know this. So he started his glass business completely mobile and to this day, twenty-seven years later, he is still mobile! He wanted his customer’s muskogee auto glass replacement to be as convenient as possible. And the best way to do that was to come to them. So if you are at work and can’t take the time off to go take it to a shop and then wait, then Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your work and fix your muskogee auto glass replacement while you are working! And you don’t have to take any time off or sit and wait in a waiting room for three or four hours. Or maybe you are at home and you don’t want to pack up the kids and haul them to a shop and sit and wait. Or maybe you work from home and just can’t leave to take care of it. Rest assured, Best Choice Auto Glass will come to your home! That is the one thing that everyone mentions. It is so wonderful to have them come to you. Because you can’t just replace the windshield and drive off. The vehicle has to sit for thirty minutes to an hour. The urethane has to have that time to cure and seal to the windshield for you to drive it safely. So that would just add time if you took it to a shop. So now let us talk about the services during the installation. Once the technicians arrive for your muskogee auto glass, the technicians will place floor mats on the front carpets, to protect them from the dirt and mud from their boots. Do you know of a company that would care about getting your carpets dirty when they are working on it? It is so frustrating how you get your car back from the mechanic and there is dirt on the floor and black grime on your steering wheel. Well you do not have to worry about that with Best Choice Auto Glass. Mark is very detailed and particular about keeping his vehicles clean. Personal and work vehicles. And he wants his customer’s to know he will treat their vehicle like his own. He will leave it cleaner than when he started working on it. And that is something you won’t find anywhere. But I haven’t even got to the good part yet. Once the installation is complete, the technicians will removed the floor mats and vacuum the carpets! Surprise! It gets even better! They will also clean the exterior of the rest of the windows as well as wipe the front door jambs! Simply the best! And let me tell you, their prices are affordable too! Your muskogee auto glass will not break your pocket book! You see, most companies will count on their customers not knowing anything about windshield replacement and what it costs to do it. Most newer vehicles have more than once windshield because of different “options” that come with them. And what the other glass companies do is quote you the most expensive windshield with all the options whether you have them or not. Best Choice Auto Glass will ask the right questions and figure out exactly what options you have and give you a quote for the windshield you need. This is what makes them affordable and honest. And why so many people choose Best Choice Auto Glass for ALL their auto glass needs. You should not be any different. I urge you to pick up the phone and call Best Choice Auto Glass at 918.835.6026 and speak to one of their customer representatives and see if I am right! I guarantee you that you will be booking an appointment with the first five minutes of talking to them! So don’t waste anymore time! Call them right now!