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Muskogee auto glass is a huge market in which there are lots of muskogee auto glass companies begging to do the job for you. But there is one muskogee auto glass company that shines above all the rest for many reasons: best choice auto glass. Today I will be giving you some reasons why you should call best choice auto glass every time, whether it is for a muskogee auto glass or any other auto glass job that needs to be done on your vehicle. If you do not already use Best choice auto glass, or at least agree with me that you should be using Mark and his crew, then by the time you finish reading this article my hope is that you will agree with me. I want you to put your faith in us. We want you to join the best choice family. We want you to be our loyal customers. And we want you to tell everyone you know about us. Tell your friends. Tell your coworkers. Tell all your family members. Make friends with your crazy next door neighbors and tell them about us. Tell everyone you know about what we did for you, so that you can all be loyal to us. It’s not a business and customer relationship. It’s a family. The best choice family. And we want everyone to be a part of it. And that’s not the case only because we want more customers. We want to do work for everyone because we believe that everyone deserves the best, and we do the best work in Muskogee windshield repair. You can ask anyone we already do work for. We have many, many loyal customers, and they would all tell you that they won’t ever be going to anyone else. We have earned their trust and loyalty, and now we won’t ever lose. There are so many reasons why you should call us the next time you need a Muskogee windshield repair, but let’s start at the very beginning (a very good place to start). First off, we only hire the best guys for the job. And the reason we know that they are the best guys is because of the way we do our interview and hiring processes. We start off with group interviews so that we can get to know several guys at a time. This is helpful because we have extremely high standards when it comes to who we hire. If a guy can’t shine bright enough above his potential colleagues to be able to impress us, we won’t be inviting him back for a second interview. But if he can impress us up against five or six or seven other guys, then we definitely want him back for a second interview. And if he is good enough to get in for a second interview, it is most likely that we will invite him to shadow with one of our guys for a day as well. We do have some qualifications for the guys that we hire, such as they have to be the kind of man that other people want to be around, and they have to be happy in their work, and they have to uphold our values and standards of excellence. This is very important for us. They have to make our customers feel comfortable. If our customers are not comfortable around one of our guys, they won’t want us to do work for them anymore, and we are not willing to lose any customers. In fact, we are willing to do anything we can to gain more business with new customers. There is no way we are going to hire someone who would scare them off. They have to be happy in their work because if they’re not, they are less likely to throw out the kind of good, quality work that our customers have come to love and appreciate and respect and expect. This is a big deal, bigger than most muskogee auto glass companies see it as. We have high standards for the guys who work for us, and well we should, because we certainly pay them enough for what we expect of them. We do not want to let our customers down on what they expect from us. If they have come to expect a certain quality of work, we must make sure that our guys are working hard enough to put good quality work out there. The second thing that is very important when it comes to a good employee is the ability to teach them. If they are coming into the job with prior job related work experience, that is great. But most of the time that is simply not the case. But that’s okay because we have a plan for that. We train new guys in our company on the job. It takes us a little over a year to train a new guy, but by the time we are done with them, they know the ins and outs of muskogee auto glass like the back of their own right hands (or left, depending on your preference). They will be desirable for any job in auto repair that they can get, because we train well. That’s part of the reason that is takes so long. We want to make sure that we are not sending a green guy into the field by himself where he can mess something up. We make certain that he is ready to perform the job himself, and even then, we will probably have a more experienced guy shadow him for awhile just to catch a mistake if one occurs. This is how we know that our customers are getting quality work done on their cars. We make sure they only get the best. So here’s what I want you to do. Look up Best choice auto glass on google. Copy the number and name into your contacts in your phone. That way when you need a muskogee windshield repair, you can call us right then and be driving a fixed car within just a couple hours.